The MCU’s First Villain Created The Avengers (Not Just Iron Man)

Obadiah Stane wanted to fire Tony Stark from his own company, thus kicking off the Avengers Initiative and shaping the superhero squad story.

Obadiah Stane was instrumental in not only creating Iron Man, but also creating The Avengers.

Stane is one of the most fundamental characters in the MCU, but despite their shared love for Howard Stark and his company, Tony and Obadiah have very different ideas about how they work. Even though he passed away at the end of the year Iron Manthe villain directly created Iron Man by promoting Tony Stark, while also establishing Stark’s heroic philosophy (and his desire to protect), identifying the Avengers as Avengers: Game over.

Obadiah Stern kills Tony Stark to create Iron Man

Iron Man Tony Stark Obadiah Stane

Obadiah Stein knows that war is good for business, which puts him at odds with Tony Stark, who he believes will compromise his network of criminal activity, manufacturing and selling weapons to get funding for the Stark Industry Program. Ironically, Stein used to Iron Man It even happened, prompting him to remove Stark from the company by any means necessary. In doing so, Stan unwittingly conspired with the terrorist organization Ten Rings to create Iron Man. Undoubtedly, Iron Man would never have been born as an idea if Stan hadn’t tried to take down a potential opponent.

Stane realized that the Stark Corporation (at least under his rule) thrived on international warfare. The company sells weapons to other countries that need them, and without war there is no need. Stane does a lot of illegal work to maintain steady demand for corporate weapons – that’s why he works so hard to take control of Stark Industries. He’s a compelling villain, not only because of his personal relationship with the Starks, but also because there are so many similarities between him and Tony. Even if he didn’t kill Stark, he killed everyone he supported before becoming Iron Man.

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Obadiah Stane’s Lessons Shaped Iron Man’s Avengers

Tony Stark standing in front of his suit in the MCU

The MCU will never be able to get rid of Iron Man – his presence can be felt at the base of the franchise, but without his conflict with Obadiah Stane, so is his Avengers. may never exist. If Stane hadn’t paid for the Ten Commandments to kidnap and execute Tony, he would never have faced the reality of the Corporation’s actions. It was this encounter that eventually taught him the value of altruism and sacrifice (a lesson he stuck to until his death). Avengers: Game over)… Tony must first face the consequences of his greed before he realizes how much damage he has caused.

Prior to Iron Man’s involvement, the Avengers were a fraught project, and without Stark, Nick Fury would never have made it. He started his efforts in the 1990s Captain Marvel, but inspired by Loki’s invasion of Earth, this became the true origin story of the Avengers. But after the initial mission, the superhero squad will change dramatically, depending on Iron Man’s support and obsession with protecting the planet, and Captain America’s sane leadership. All of the principles Tony Stark applied in his own co-leadership were drawn from the lessons of Obadiah Stane.

Tony feels guilty Iron Man Instead of actually leaving after realizing his role in so many avoidable deaths, he’s motivated to save as many people as he can. Stane also holds a strong grudge against the bullies in Iron Man. While Tony created Iron Man’s suit and weapons, Stein created Iron Man. He created the change that would eventually transform Tony from a selfish tycoon into a true superhero, and thereby pave the way for the Avengers. Avengers: Game over And Tony’s heartbreaking sacrifice.

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