The Last Of Us Episode 8 Finally Introduces The Games’ Joel Actor

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  • The Last of Us Episode 8 Finally introduces the game’s Joel Cast
  • Episode 8 of The Last of Us introduces David and his team, with one of David’s men played by Joel’s actor in the original game.

    warning! This article contains spoilers for Episode 8 of The Last of Us. “Last Survivor” Episode 8 introduces David and a new group of enemies, with one of David’s henchmen played by Joel’s original cast the last survivor game far in the last survivor On HBO, there are many hints, references, and even scenes that closely resemble the source material. However, there are no Easter eggs more obvious than some of the game’s original members.

    The first game actor introduced was Merle Dandridge, the actress who played Marlene in the original game the last survivor game, she returns to resume her role.exist the last survivor Episode 4, Jeffrey Pierce as Perry after his original role as Tommy Miller The Last of Us Part 1 And Our Last Part 2. And the last survivor In episode 8, the HBO show introduces another original game cast that is related to Joel’s character.

    Troy Baker as James in The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 8

    Troy Baker next to create the character Joel in The Last of Us Part II

    the last survivor Episode 8 introduces the character James – who is played by David – the main antagonist of the series – played by Troy Baker. the last survivor In the game, Troy Baker plays the role of Joel Miller. Baker first brought Joel to life with voice acting and motion capture, before Pedro Pascal took over HBO’s television video game adaptation.

    For Neil Druckmann, author of two originals our last games is one of the co-creators of the HBO show, along with Craig Mazin, and it makes sense to include various game actors. During the development of the original, actors such as Dandridge, Pierce and now Baker grew closer to Druckmann. the last survivor Games, they were included in the HBO adaptation, although more supporting roles were expected. With Baker the last survivor In episode 8, the question revolved around whether the rest of the game’s members appeared in the last survivor last season.

    The Last of Us Episode 9 will have another main cast member in the game

    The screenshot taken from the trailer for the HBO adaptation of The Last of Us shows Ellie's mother, Anna, played by Ashlee Johnson.

    From the official HBO trailer, it can be seen that the last survivorthere’s also a famous game actor who hasn’t appeared yet because there’s only one episode left until the climax the last survivor Ashley Johnson will appear in the final episode of Season 1. Ashley Johnson provided motion and voice recording for Ellie in both films. The Last of Us Part 1 And the second part.

    In the official trailer, Johnson appears with an image of a mother holding her baby right after giving birth. Multiple theories formed after the trailer was released that Johansson was playing Ellie’s mother, neatly linking the character’s original actress to the HBO version. Whether that’s the case remains to be seen, but Johnson’s presence in the HBO show’s finale means she’s vital to the story, characters, and journey. the last survivor Like she did all those years ago in 2013.

    new episode the last survivor Movie shows every Sunday on HBO.

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