The Internet Just Realized Wednesday’s Ms. Thornhill Also Played Wednesday Addams

warning! This article contains spoilers for Wednesday’s Season 1WednesdayThornhill woman Christina Ricci had previously played Addams Wednesday and everyone was excited about it. Addams family, Originally launched as a satirical comic strip about an ideal American family, it has been adapted over the years, most recently by Netflix. Wednesday, Created by Alfred Gough, Miles Miller and renowned gothic filmmaker Tim Burton. One of the most famous and enduring works the addams family Based on the 1991 film, there was a sequel in 1993, starring Anjelica Huston as Morticia, Raul Julia as Gomez, Jimmy Workman as Pugsley and Christina Ricci as Wednesday Adams. Richie’s Wednesday is one of the film’s most groundbreaking roles, as the young actor brings the cherished girl to life perfectly.

netflix Wednesday It differs from other adaptations in several key ways, as it focuses on Wednesdays instead of following her entire family, and presents her as more of a teenager than a young girl. Jenna Ortega took on the role, making Netflix the first company to accurately portray the child Adams’ Latin roots. However, it was previously reported that Ricky would return. the addams family in an undisclosed role. Her surprise appearance was Miss Thornhill, a teacher at Nevermore Academy on Wednesday. The Internet took to Twitter to express disappointment at Ricky’s presence Wednesday, Some fans of the series simply associate Ricci with Thornhill, while others are disappointed that some are slow to notice the Easter eggs or don’t seem to recognize the talented Ricci. Wednesday Here’s what fans have to say:

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Miss Thornhill is perfect Wednesday The role of Christina Ricci

Miss Thornhill was introduced to Wednesday The pilot serves as Nevermore Academy’s first and only casual teacher, a lovable botany teacher with a fondness for carnivorous and deadly plants who’s attached to the Thing. Fourth as soon as the teenager arrived. Throughout the series, Miss Thornhill is very kind to Wednesday, seems to understand almost no one else at Nevermore, and is one of the few people Wednesday associates with. To the others, Miss Thornhill ostensibly supports Wednesday, defending her against Principal Weems (Gwendoline Christie)

The character’s ability to connect with Wednesday hints at a repeat of Rich’s own daughter Adams, who certainly has a lot in common with Ortega’s version, as they play the same character at different times. in her life. The intimate moments between the two gave Richie the opportunity to hand the Gothic girl torch to Ortega, delighting fans of the 1991 film and the new series. However, Richie’s character is more complicated than many people initially realize, with Lady Thornhill eventually being revealed to be the mastermind behind the monster murder, as well as the missing and presumed noble Laurel Gates. dead.

Miss Thornhill shares many similarities with Wednesday’s family history, financial situation, eccentric tendencies and appreciation of the dark and gothic, but there is one key difference between the characters: hatred. of Miss Thornhill to the Outcasts, from her father. . Given her character’s bigotry makes her a killer, Miss Thornhill can be seen as a twisted Wednesday, embracing her dark side, ironically, though Rich Wednesday dismisses segregation racial and colonial, she hates being outcasts. everybody. In contrast, Ortega’s Wednesday seems to keep quiet about himself, but is actually concerned about others, especially his newly outcast friend. Miss Thornhill represents who she could be without her genuine empathy for others, making Ritchie the Wednesday The role is a perfect homage to her previous role as the daughter of the Addams family.

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