The Honeymooners: 10 Best Ralph Kramden Quotes

honeymoon, a 1950s sitcom that made television history. Many shows these days feature a cast, thanks to the talent of Jackie Gleason, the show’s star and comedic mastermind. In addition, many of the lines in the play are still widely known to this day and have become an indelible part of American culture.

While Gleeson is known for his heart of gold, the character he plays, Ralph Cramden, has a short temper. His barking was much worse than his bite. No matter how crazy Ralph was, his wife and friend Norton never really blinked. Instead, they seem to enjoy stimulating him, providing loving audiences with plenty of iconic hilarious moments to appreciate. If you need a good laugh, here are 10 Ralph Kramden quotes and sayings that still make you laugh to this day.

Updated by Jordan Iacobucci on August 27, 2022: Decades may pass by memory, but honeymoons never. Even though Jackie Gleason’s classic sitcom is about to celebrate its 70th anniversary, the show is as buzzing as ever. Even after all these years, some of Ralph Kramden’s catchphrases and quotes still bring laughter to audiences of all ages.

“I Brive A Dus…I Dus A Brive”

“$99,000 Question”

Poor Ralph. For all his bragging, he’s actually pretty insecure, and Jackie Gleason has done it well. He performed best in an episode of “The $99,000 Question,” in which Ralph was a contestant on the game show.

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A beautiful woman led Ralph onto the stage, and Gleason, known for his puppy-dog looks, waved the host up and down a thousand times. Forgot to answer the big money question, and Ralph can’t even answer what he does for a living!

“Ha ha ha ha.”

repeated buzzwords

Jackie Gleeson as Ralph Cramden, pointing to the bus behind him

Most of Ralph’s humorous lines are in response to Alice, the embodiment of “smart mouth”. Alice always seems to have an endless supply of vitriol. This happens when Ralph seems overwhelmed, trying to find a way to say “very funny” when he doesn’t find it funny at all. However, viewers thought it was hilarious anyway.

Flint This line is also used and many other similarities are drawn to tie the show together, such as the dynamics of two pairs, one overweight friend and one shorter, slimmer friend with a little bird brain. Although there are many similarities between the two programs, however, honeymoon never liked Flint.

“Hamina Hamina Hamina Hamina Hamina Hamina.”

repeated buzzwords

Jackie Gleeson as Ralph Kramden crying

When Ralph is caught lying or scared, he doesn’t know what to do, and then this line. Not just the lines, but the way Gleason talks, his expressions, everything. Gleason made it, and it looks like he’s completely overwhelmed.

It really says something about the talent of the cast. It’s an amusing response to the ridiculous situations he often finds himself in. This phrase has become one of Ralph Kramden’s repeated catchphrases, which is honeymoon One of the best sitcoms of all time.

“My opinion of Norton is one thing…”

“Mashmallow” (Jackie Gleason Program)

ralph cramden and ed norton

“What I say about Norton is one thing; how I feel about him is another!”

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Many of the humorous situations that Ralph gets into are because of his best friend, Ed Norton. Ed has chronic FMD. Time and again, Ralph had to pay the price for his friend’s failure to keep quiet.

Ralph’s true love for Norton in honeymoon the sketch premiered with an episode Jackie Gleason exhibitionRalph’s approach to Norton’s friendship fits well, as people often find themselves benevolently insulting those they care about most.

“What a thug you are, Alice, what a thug!”

repeated buzzwords

Jackie Gleason as Ralph Cramden, pointing at Alice (Audrey Meadows), while Ed Norton (At Carney) pokes his head between the two

Aside from Norton, the other half of Ralph’s frustration is Alice, his wife. Correct Marry Ralph, live in a shabby apartment and put up with all his sly schemes.

The way Alice treats the love of her life is mocking him, and sometimes Alice just can’t do that. Apparently, this opened the door to a lot of hilarious situations and reactions from Ralph.

“Now I know why we play golf… to get away from our wives.”

“golf player”

Ralph Cramden (Jackie Gleeson) pretends to be a golfer and yells at Ed Norton (At Carney)

There are plenty of funny moments to tell in an episode of “The Golfer,” from Ralph’s golf kit to Norton calling the ball “Hello, the ball.” Even more humorously, Alice’s mockery of her husband’s lack of skill prompts Ralph to push back even further.

All Ralph can do is contradict Alice’s words, but his wife seems unaffected at all, making their relationship dynamic in a fun and humorous way.

“I have a big mouth!”

“abnormal behavior”

Ralph Cramden (Jackie Gleason) angrily shouts at the kitchen table, while his wife Alice (Audrey Meadows) patiently watches.

Ralph’s habit of exaggerating his true abilities forces him to face what he has done. Now Ralph knew he would be humiliated.

In typical Ralph Cramden style, he doesn’t just deliver his lines. He has to scream, and he screams with all his might while making eye contact. Jackie Gleason, you are a treasure.

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“You’re so big! Mouth BLAAAAA!”


Jackie Gleeson as Ralph Cramden, scolding his mother-in-law while Alice (Audrey Meadows) prepares to interrupt

being a talker is a big deal honeymoonIt seems that Ralph is surrounded by people who can’t control his tongue, especially his mother-in-law. After a flurry of bombastic comments about how badly he was the breadwinner and raised Alice’s ex-boyfriend, she revealed the surprise ending of the play that Ralph and Norton will be watching, causing the former to call her “Blaaaaaaabermouth”! “

Ralph’s downfall is truly one of the best aspects of this classic series, but it’s by far the most memorable. Ralph’s bitter hatred for his mother-in-law is not only perfectly displayed, but when Alice later chooses to leave with her mother, Ralph comes back to bite him.

“Regain my youth? If this continues, I will lose my old age!”

“A Christmas carol”

Ralph Cramden (Jackie Gleeson) dances in front of his wife Alice (Audrey Meadows) in a barbershop quartet

if you see enough honeymoon, you begin to understand that a lot of what Ralph screams about has to do with his insecurities. In “The Heart Isn’t Dead”, Alice just wants to recapture some of the fun she had with Ralph, and at the same time wants to go dancing and rollerblading, but Ralph’s initial reaction is unwelcome.

To make up for Alice, Ralph vows to marry her. Norton and Trixie followed. It was later revealed that Ralph’s initial resistance was simply because he couldn’t skate. Most importantly, Alice buys him coffee. Gleason’s physical comedy is on full display in this episode. How can he bring his coffee to the skate bench without spilling it? He was doing well…until he sneezed. Then it all went down.

“I’m the best.”

repeated buzzwords

Alice Cramden (Audrey Meadows) smiles happily with her husband Ralph (Jackie Gleason)

In the end, no matter how much Alice’s mother shoots Ralph, no matter how much Ralph screams, no matter how much Alice gets punched, Alice and Ralph still love each other. At the end of some episodes, Ralph confesses his love to his wife and Alice happily reciprocates.

Without that happy line, Ralph’s temper and Alice’s grit would be the portrait of a sad, turbulent marriage. When we know that deep down, this couple is really in love, it makes the jokes seem less important, it shows that all else doesn’t matter so much after all, so let’s take it easy. relax and laugh.

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