The Girl From Plainville: Who Is Susie Pierce?

Meet Susie Pierce from Hulu The Plainville Girl. After watching the series and the relationship dynamics between Michelle Carter and Susie on the show, viewers wondered if Susie was a real person. Don’t worry because we answer that in the rest of this article.

Here we cover the details of the girl the character is supposedly based on. We also disclose details about her academic qualifications, current relationship, job and current residence of her. So, keep reading to know more about her.

Plainville Girl: Who is Susie Pierce?

Susie Pierce is one of the characters on Hulu The Plainville Girl. The series, if you didn’t already know, is a true crime series depicting the death of Conrad Roy III in 2014. His “girlfriend” Michelle Carter was later arrested by police and later convicted of manslaughter.

But besides Conrad, Michelle also corresponded with a girl named Susie.

According to the show, Susie and Michelle, both oblivious to their school, struck up a friendship after meeting at a softball tournament. However, they suddenly drift away from each other.

In the series, actress Pearl Amanda Dickson from “Lucy in the Sky” plays the role of Susie Pierce.

Is Susie Pierce a real person?

No, Susie Pierce is not a real person. Michelle’s friend, Alice Felzmann, is the person most people think Susie’s character is based on. But Susie could be partially based on Olivia “Livy” Mosolgo, Michelle’s softball teammate.

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Don did a detailed investigation in 2017 into the Michelle Carter case. According to her report, Alice came from Bellingham, Massachusetts. Alice and Michelle met in 2012 (at a softball game) while playing on a travel softball team.

This happened after Conrad met Michelle in Florida when they were visiting relatives.

The two girls soon became inseparable. While traveling to Montreal they separated from their group and dined together. Alice thought Carter was “funny and kind”. Alice’s mother, Kelly, knew of her friendship and pointed out that her daughter was depressed. She said, “Personally, I think Michelle understood,” adding that she didn’t like Michelle because she was “super nice. No child is so beautiful.”

They lived 20 minutes from each other. Eventually, they started spending a lot of time together: sleepovers, swimming, and sneaking out to play basketball. If they didn’t spend time together, they texted constantly.

Kelly and her husband didn’t like how close they were, so they took her cell phone away, but that didn’t stop the two girls from communicating with each other. However, they connected on Facebook.

Alice’s mother has had enough of their relationship. She sensed that Michelle was “clinging” to Alice and told her to cut ties with her, which she eventually did, ignoring Michelle.

After Alice and Michelle stopped talking, Kelly received an envelope containing a three page handwritten letter. speaking to DonKelly confirmed that the contents of the letter sounded more like a love letter. Journalist Jesse Barron, writing an article for Esquire, wondered if their relationship was more than friendship.

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Esquire requested a copy, but Kelly refused.

As previously reported, Michelle discussed Alice with Conrad, telling him that the whole Alice situation was getting her down. Some of the lyrics also hinted at a romantic direction between the two as she stated that “Alice was her first kiss” from her.

Then, a week before Conrad’s tragic death, Michelle texted a classmate: “Remember I was best friends with a girl named Alice?” She sent another friend a similar message: “I’m obsessed with her and I don’t know how to stop. Every love song or whatever, I think of her.” She told a third friend that she was “going through a grieving process” and that she needed “closure.”

In another message, he said: “At first I thought it was a phase like he thought we were just really good friends. But we started talking like we were in a relationship, flirting and whatnot. Like I don’t know if I’m bi. I guess it’s because I’ve never had that kind of relationship with another girl to really tell her.”

By contrast, Alice’s mother, Kelly, said the girls never had a physical relationship. Alice confirmed to Esquire that she had no feelings seeing her former best friend at trial.

Related FAQ

  • How old is Alice Felzmann?

Born in March 1995, Alice Felzmann is 26 years old in April 2022.

  • Is Alice Felzmann on Instagram?

Yes, Alice Felzmann is on Instagram (@alicefelzmann) and Facebook (@alice.felzmann).

  • Is Alice Felzmann married?

No, Alice Felzmann is not married. However, she is in a relationship with her boyfriend Tyler Smith. According to Facebook, they have been dating since February 11, 2018. In her recent IG post, she wrote, “Happy 4 years later!” marking the fourth anniversary of their relationship.

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According to Tyler’s Facebook, he works at National Grid, an energy company.

  • What does Alice Felzmann do for a living?

According to Facebook, Alice Felzmann has been working as a tax accountant at Citrin Cooperman since July 2019. While her LinkedIn revealed that she previously worked at Tufts Medical Center as a unit coordinator. Prior to that, she worked for Dunkin Donuts as a team member.

Alice completed her high school education at Bellingham High School, Bellingham MA, and completed her college education at Bridgewater State University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Accounting in 2018.

  • Where does Alice Felzmann live today?

Alice currently lives in Bellingham, Massachusetts.

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