The Equalizer: Adam Goldberg Previews New Episode & Harry’s Family Past

equalizer In Season 3 Episode 12 titled “Never Again”, the main cast explores some important storylines again. This time, the central character is Harold “Harry” Keshejian, as a string of hate crimes terrorizes the local Jewish community. The history of Harry, played by Adam Goldberg, as a hacker who must fake his death with the help of Robin (Queen Latifah) is thoroughly explored. However, his mother and her absence in his life were a void that could not be filled.

Keshegian is an Armenian surname derived from his father’s family, but equalizer Season 3 reveals that Harry’s mother is actually Jewish. In fact, he went to the synagogue until he went to the bar mitzvah — a detail that Goldberg himself added as a concurrence of his own experience. Actors share with rant screen That thing:

I went to a Jewish school until I was 11 and decided not to go to the mitzvah bar, that’s a suggestion I made when I talked to screenwriter.rabbi [originally] Say, “I haven’t seen you since you went to bar mitzvah,” and I say, “It would be funny if he didn’t do bar mitzvah.” You get straight to the point, and then you step back. I am this here.

Watch exclusive clips from equalizer Check out season 3, episode 12, and more Goldberg thoughts on the plot below.

what to expect from harry’s story in equalizer

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exist rant screenIn the exclusive clip, Rabbi Alton stares wistfully at a mural depicting stories of Jewish resilience that has been graffitied on his face. As he grieves over the ongoing hate crime, his colleagues introduce him to Harry, who has left his lair to investigate the case on his own. Upon hearing the Keshegian surname, the rabbi began praising Sarah, Harry’s mother, who in his book was a remarkable woman. Unfortunately, the look on Harry’s face clearly shows that he doesn’t think so.

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Harry’s Jewish roots surprised his co-star, but he’s happy about it. In an interview rant screenwill be released after the episode, revealing his thoughts on delving into Harry’s past with “Never Again”.

Adam Goldberg: That’s really helpful. Honestly, no matter what I ended up doing in the next episodes, it just gave me a stronger base to think about how you would do something or how you would say something.

For any TV show, procedural or non-procedural, this is a very strange way of working for actors. You read a movie and you are working on the entire script. You know where the character is going, and you know who he is. In the TV series, you find out you are Jewish in the third season of the series. I do not know [Henry] Jewish until this year; I am half Jewish and largely identify as Jewish.

And then, of course, we learn more about his faith and his family and things like that. All the things you’ve always wanted as an actor. Still, it’s nice that it came out for three seasons.

Due to the procedural nature of the series, it makes sense that the focus tends to be on the cases of the week rather than the personal lives of the characters. But equalizer Having begun to understand what is going on behind the scenes of fighting crime, Mel’s brother returns to her life and Harry reconnects with his childhood rabbi. Storytelling is better for that, and this week’s episodes are sure to prove it.

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equalizer Season 3, Episode 12 airs March 12 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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