The dog swam for more than 11 hours to find and save its owner

The dog goes fishing with its owner. They went by boat. Unfortunately, the boat capsized and the dog was left without an owner.

The dog did not give up. The dog swam for 11 hours to find and save his owner.

Unfortunately, the dog has lost strength and feeling but has a strong will. He couldn’t let his master die in the water.


Fortunately, a man noticed him. The man tried to pull the dog out of the water, but the dog resisted. The dog returned to the water. Apparently he was still looking for someone.

The dog did not calm down until the rescue team arrived and pulled its owner out of the water. Thanks to the dog, the owner was saved. Both are alive and well.


The dog has proven to be a loyal friend. He stayed by his owner’s side and wasn’t even afraid to risk his life to save the dog. Dogs are angels and protectors of their owners.

Here is the video:

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