The children of the coronapatiënt Diemen, the netherlands, have mild symptoms, can be tested

Two of the children of the women in Diemen, the netherlands, who is infected with the corona virus, and have moderate health risks. Tests have yet to determine

Two of the children of the women in Diemen, the netherlands, who is infected with the corona virus, and have moderate health risks. Tests have yet to determine whether there is at them in the presence of the virus was found on Friday at a press conference. As a matter of precaution, there will be contactonderzoeken in a day-care centre, a primary school in Amsterdam, and the Amsterdam UNIVERSITY medical centre (located at medical center) was performed.

The woman, who is enrolled in the city of Amsterdam, and now lives with her three children and husband in a temporary home in Diemen, the netherlands. Two of the children exhibit mild symptoms. The partner that was not disclosed.

With all of the members of the family are the Friday morning tests. The results will be in Friday night or Saturday morning as expected.

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a Woman visited a kindergarten and a primary school,

, One of the children that have symptoms, it was at a day-care centre in the Amsterdam district of Zuidoost (CompaNanny Atlas Arena. On the day of the child’s complaints are received, it is picked up at the day-care center. In accordance with the public health service is going well with the baby. “At the time, the symptoms are mild,” says Yvonne van Duijnhoven, of the public health service.

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As for the woman, for the last time at the day care center has been up to, there is a contactonderzoek carried out by the health care provider. It will show whether or not the employees and/or other children at risk.

The woman at the second school, Magic Lantern, in the neighbourhood of IJburg. Here is contactonderzoek done. If this is the school where the second child, with mild symptoms, and it is not yet published. About a third of the school not intervened, because the woman not been the case.

at The day care center due to the possible presence in the next two weeks to be closed, the school does not. According to the mayor of Amsterdam, Femke Halsema, is the conclusion of a decision taken by the day care center itself, not on the advice of the Amsterdam municipal health service. “There is currently no reason to do this,” said Halsema, at the press conference.

Also, in the Amsterdam UNIVERSITY medical centre (located at medical center), where the infected woman worked were a contactonderzoek carried out. The woman was not directly related to the patient, but also had an administrative function. The hospital will record as a contactonderzoek on-the-job.

the Municipalities shall take no additional measures are Currently, there is no cause for concern, highlighted by ms Halsema. A thorough investigation will be done.” Duijnhoven, of the public health service, adding that the virus is “not very contagious” it is.

the municipalities of Amsterdam and Diemen in the netherlands, no additional measures are taken. All of the events and sporting activities to be able to keep it up. They point Halsema people are aware that they are “aware of the general precautions of that of the public health service”.

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The COVID-19-the virus (corona virus) in a nutshell: The virus is spread mainly through the coughs and niesdruppeltjes that are in the air. Those who have no symptoms is less than risk of infection. A person can have, on average, two-to-three-infect others (it is less than, for example, measles, mumps). And this number is declining, however, due to all the safety precautions. By far, most of the people have a light (- like) symptoms. Almost all the deaths involve elderly or already ill people.

Date Of Update: 29 February 2020, 01:00

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