The Boys: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Deep As A Character

Attention all fans of the Boys Season 3 – be warned, spoilers are ahead! The show has reached a “heroic climax” that has left viewers devastated and in shock. The character Abyss is once again finding himself in a difficult position, but he’s not the only one facing challenges. In these final episodes of the season, we can see The Deep being pushed to his limits like never before. Homelander is tormenting him relentlessly while tension between The Deep and his wife, Cassandra, continues to grow. Despite all of this adversity, The Deep remains a comedic highlight of the show. He has a unique ability to deliver emotional moments that resonate with viewers and keep them coming back for more. As we approach the end of Season 3, it’s clear that The Boys is delivering on its promise of high-stakes drama and unforgettable characters.

lost his place in seven

Through her own reprehensible actions, Abyss lost her coveted Seven Men status. It was a huge blow to him, and a real blow to his self-esteem, sending him into an alcoholic depression and later into a cult. His doubts about his new situation make it all the more interesting to watch.

While none of the members of Seven are perfect, Abyss can be especially bad. It was a great moment for Starlight to speak out against him, obviously losing his place was really hard for him.

the damage he does to marine life

With his special power, The Deep can make friends with many sea creatures. Unfortunately for them, he has an uncanny knack for killing his aquatic companions in all sorts of gruesome ways. From bungled attempts at rescuing dolphins to Homelander forcing him to eat Timothy, The Deep may have ended more fish lives than saved them. When it does happen, it’s always a mixture of absurdly funny and disturbingly sophisticated. What’s even scarier is the real desperation that Abyss displays every time it happens. That number is sure to grow as The Deep continues to seek more validation and control.

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despair and farce

After losing her dream job and being exiled to Sandusky, Ohio, Abyss lost all composure. She continued drinking and ended up at a water park, where she terrorized children with her drunken behavior.

It’s easy to laugh at The Deep, who is often treated like a comic book character, but his realistic portrayal of emotions makes it easy to sympathize with him. His upward spiral has stopped since he joined the congregational church, but it is only a matter of time before he finds himself in trouble again.

His hobby

There are numerous disturbing hints that strongly suggest a connection between the Abyss and marine life, a connection which is confirmed after “Herogasm.” In Season One, there are several instances of this, such as when Homelander tells the Abyss to “fuck the donkey in the fountain” and when the Abyss converses with a now-deceased dolphin. However, it seems that the show will continue to explore this theme, particularly given a scene in which the Abyss appears more interested in an octopus than in his own wife Cassandra.

Committed to a Cause

Initially, it appeared that The Deep’s only concern was to maintain its position in the spotlight and enjoy the privileges of being a member of Seven. However, his focus expanded, and for a moment it seemed like he genuinely wanted to make a difference by helping all the creatures he could communicate with.

Pollution and confinement were two important issues that The Deep aimed to combat. Unfortunately, his plan quickly failed, and he gave up easily. He did not do much to address pollution, except for filming a trailer where they eventually reintroduced pollution after an unsuccessful shoot. Additionally, his attempt at rescue ended tragically with the death of an innocent dolphin.

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fickle friend

The Deep has an amiable personality and maintains casual friendships with many other characters. However, these relationships tend to fluctuate based on superficial values and personal interests. For instance, The Deep is amicable with the Seven’s A-Train members, a relatively subdued (and occasionally heroic) villain until Homelander manipulates their fears and insecurities to turn them against each other. As someone who aspires to fame like The Deep, friendship only holds significance if it benefits him in some manner.

Homeland abuse

It can be difficult to sympathize with The Deep because he often creates his own problems. However, the third season of “Homeland” was particularly challenging for viewers as it depicted various forms of torture. Perhaps the most shocking scene was when Homelander invited The Deep to a seafood dinner and included Timothy, the octopus friend. Though the show had already portrayed many instances of abuse, this fish party was especially disturbing.

the way he treats women

In the first episode, Abyss sexually assaults Starlight, which is one of the worst things he has ever done. However, it wasn’t until a season later that it was revealed that The Deep had committed this action before. Despite LSD being very powerful and causing him to hallucinate conversations with his gills, he had already committed the act. Before revealing this, The Deep had suffered attacks of his own. While his own thoughts suggested that he committed this crime due to deep-seated confidence issues surrounding his body, there is no justification for treating women the way he did.

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severe lack of intelligence

Abyss is undoubtedly one of the least intelligent characters on the show. In a world filled with shrewd and crafty players, it’s a mystery how he has managed to come so far. In one of the best episodes, The Deep unintentionally causes the death of a whale while attempting to prevent The Boys from rejoining Seven. Thoughts seemed to swirl around his mind until someone (usually Cassandra) clarified them for him. His fixation with sex and charm was what genuinely captured his attention. As those around him continue to strategize, it remains to be seen how The Deep will surmount whatever obstacles await him next.

eager to take back his place

After a brief period of despair, The Deep decided to return to Seven, his main quest ever since. Collective churches were instrumental in helping him achieve this, both when he joined and when he left. His new wife, Cassandra, clearly has big goals too, and her assistance helps The Deep quickly reach them. As usual, The Deep could find himself getting worse with each step. His proximity to Homelander is just the tip of a dangerous iceberg, and if The Deep doesn’t wake up soon, he could face a fate far more dire than anything he’s encountered thus far.

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