The best starting Keepsakes in Elden Ring

One of the often overlooked reasons why Souls games are so difficult, especially for brand new players, is that the games ask you to make a lot of important decisions before you even get control of your character. Classes are an obvious example here, with Elden Ring throwing 10 options at you to choose from with barely any explanation of what the differences are between them, let alone which playstyle you’ll end up liking. Second to your class, every Souls game also gives you another decision to make that isn’t as important to your time as your class, but it’s just as obscure and can certainly change how your first few hours of play go.

Memories are the new initial gifts in Elden Ring, and after choosing your class and customizing your character, you’ll be given a list of seven to choose from, not counting the option to decline taking any of the memories, of course. They all have strange, unfamiliar names, even to Souls veterans, and their brief descriptions aren’t always very helpful in deciding which will be the most useful. They all give you a slight advantage in some way, but they clearly stand out from the crowd. Here’s what each starter Keepsake consists of Elden Ring and which one is the best.

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Every memory in the Elden Ring

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Let’s take a look at all the memories you can choose from, and most importantly what they actually do, so we can make the best decision about which one is the best.

Locket of crimson amber

This will use one of your talisman slots, which take the place of rings from past games. You start with just one slot, and if you equip the Crimson Amber Medallion, you’ll get a small increase in your character’s max HP. This can be good in the beginning for classes that naturally start with lower HP stats, but it’s not useful for the whole run because you’ll raise your HP level and eventually want to use the better talismans you find.

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The lands between the runes

This is Elden Ring the equivalent of Soul items from the game Souls, where using an item will instantly give you a certain amount of runes — a form of XP and currency in this game. Since it’s an item, you can’t lose those runes when you die (unless you use the item and wear the runes without using them up), and this one is worth 3000 runes. It’s easy enough to get a level or two right away, but once you’re done, that’s it. Also, if you wait to use it, eventually the 3000 won’t be worth it at all, and you’ll even find equal or better rune items in the game, eventually.

Golden seed

This one is much better than its description lets on. Your healing potion in Elden Ring is the Flask of Crimson Tears and can be upgraded in two ways: More healing per drink and the ability to hold more charges. Both are great, but also require unique and limited upgrade items. Golden Seeds happen to be the ingredient you need to increase the number of times you can drink from your bottle before you have to refill it at the Place of Mercy. Taking just one more sip early on is very powerful and will carry through the rest of the game.

Fang ash

Ash is a new item that works like summoning NPCs in the previous games, only it will cost you magic and can be done in most places instead of just against bosses (but can still be used on bosses, of course). You’ll find this ash as items, rewards, and from merchants all over the map. The Fanged Imp Ashes summons a small troop of imp creatures to aid you in battle. While they’re useful, they’re not very powerful or even unique compared to the other ash you’ll find even early on. You will also have to wait until you get the requested item even to use the ashes.

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Cracked pot

Technically, this name is misleading because you actually get two Cracked Pot items if you pick this Keepsake, but even if you got 10, you still shouldn’t pick it. They are only used for crafting, but are not consumed as materials. If you have a recipe and other consumables to craft things like firebombs, the number of cracked pots you have limits how many total items you can craft that require a pot. Consumables are more sustainable than ever Elden Ring but it’s still not something you should rely on heavily. Besides, there are other ways to get Cracked Pots, so forget about these unless you really want to do some trickery.

Stone Sword Key

This is an interesting one that may or may not sway you enough to choose. If you played dark souls 2, this is basically Elden Ringversion of the Pharros Lockstones. If you haven’t played that game, these are special one-time use keys that unlock special areas. There are usually fewer keys than locks in the world, so you’ll have to choose where to use them, and you never know if what they reveal will be of much use to you, or at all. They are always hiding something, so it’s never a total loss, but it’s still a gamble. Choosing this memento gives you two instantly.

Enchanting branch

Here’s a strong contender for worst memory in the Elden Ring: The Bewitching Branch. This item is a set of five consumables that can be used once. When used, all they do is create a small area of ​​effect that returns any enemy to normal. They will mostly forget they saw you and go back to their usual routine or standing spots. This could technically get you out of a bad situation a few times, but it’s actually a waste compared to most other choices.

Boiled prawns

Slightly better than Bewitching Branch, Boiled Prawn is another set of five consumables, only this time, they’re better than weird effects. When you use (eat?) one of these prawns, your character will gain better physical resistance, meaning that physical damage will be slightly less for a short period of time. Chances are the damage reduction won’t make or break any boss runs, and once you get used to all of them, that’s it. Leave these shrimp to Barbie.

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Shabriri’s woe

Last on the list is Shabriri’s Woe, which could be another way to choose “nothing” as your starting memory. What this item does is make enemies aggressive towards you. Yes, inside Elden Ring, where any enemy that spots you will attack on sight anyway, there is an item that can do the same thing. The only situation where this can be even remotely useful is if you’re playing co-op and want to distract your friend so he can recover and heal. Otherwise, this item is basically useless.

Best memory in Elden Ring

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No doubt, the best memory in the world Elden Ring because everyone must be a Golden Seed. It cannot be overstated how valuable every sip you have in the bottle is. So you will often find yourself facing a boss, have them within just a few hits, but also be out of bottles and with low HP. You might get those last few hits, but if you get tagged just once, it’s over. Another precious peak of health is never, ever bad thing.

As an alternative or two, the Crimson Amber Medallion is a good choice for certain classes that have low HP to begin with. And while you’ll find new, better talismans over time, they’re not very common in the early hours, allowing you to make up for your low HP or get comfortable enough with the gameplay to feel better about being a little short — they’ll serve well to start with. games.

Finally, Stonesword Keys may or may not be up your alley. It all depends on how risky you want to be (unless you’re looking for where to use them, of course) and what you hope to gain from using them. This will probably be the best pick for your second playthrough and beyond once you don’t need the other early game crutches and instead want to head straight for those precious treasures that can only be reached with these keys.

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