The best font apps for iPhone and iPad

Designers, teachers, artists, managers and creatives rejoiced when the latest versions of iOS and iPadOS enabled the use of custom fonts on Apple mobile devices. This feature lets you install custom fonts in TrueType Font (TTF), OpenType Font (OTF), or TrueType Collection (TTC) formats, making it easy for creators to put a unique look and text face on their flyers, posters, and reports. You still can’t change Apple’s system fonts, but the updated font features significantly improve mobile workflows.

You can install custom fonts and apply them to compatible apps on your Apple mobile devices. To control these fonts or use your iPad as a creative workstation, work directly from the app you use them with. It’s the ideal solution for anyone who creates presentations on their desktop to display on their iPad — without worrying about surprising replacement fonts.

Despite the noise — which has died down considerably over time — there still aren’t a ton of resources for installing and managing iOS fonts, and there isn’t much momentum for radical change right now. So far, vendors such as Monotype (maker of the MyFonts app for iOS) and Morisawa continue to offer downloadable apps on Apple’s App Store. Here are the most reputable font apps available right now, and don’t forget to check out our guide on how to install fonts.

Adobe Creative Cloud

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Adobe Creative Cloud works with system-wide custom fonts on your mobile devices, offering about 17,000 fonts to Creative Cloud subscribers, 1,300 of which are free. You don’t need to be a Creative Cloud subscriber to use free fonts — just download the app and create a login. After installing, you can tap Fonts at the bottom of the screen to download new fonts directly to your iPhone or iPad, and they’ll be available to tons of apps that support them in iOS 13 or later. New fonts from these foundries are now included: Connary Fagen, Blackletra, Buro Destruct, PampaType, Bold Monday, Greg Thompson, Retype, Process Type Foundry, Darden Studio, Latinotype, DJR, psType, TypeTogether, Floodfonts, Signal Type Foundry, Fontador, and Fontpartners.

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Diner font

Font Diner app for iOS 13.Image used with permission of the copyright holder

Free Font Diner is a very popular application specializing in high-quality retro-style fonts for creative projects. Contains over 400 original fonts for graphic designers at all levels. It offers a basic font set for free and several additional font sets for $5 each. It is only compatible with Pages, Keynote and Numbers.


Any font ($2)

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AnyFont lets you install – well – any font in TTF, OTF or TTC format on your iPhone or iPad via a configuration profile. Once installed, you can use these fonts with Word, PowerPoint, Pages, Excel, Numbers, Keynote, and others that use the device’s font book. You can add one or more fonts at a time as ZIP or TTC files and preview them in the application.



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With iFont you can install new fonts in TTF, TTC and OTF formats. You can also add files compressed into a ZIP file for use with applications such as Pages, Keynote, Microsoft Word, or any other compatible applications. Users can download and install fonts from the Google Fonts library, Dafont, and other custom sources within iFont. However, this requires a configuration profile. iFont has a number of interesting features, where users can install, compare and browse typefaces and view individual glyphs and technical details about the font. You can test the fonts you want by clicking the notebook icon below the selected font. This will ask you to type a few words and allow you to share this as a preview image on third party apps like WhatsApp or Messenger. iFont can now analyze fonts and determine which characters glyphs are mapped to, save glyph layouts, and search glyphs. Newer versions include an improved zoom display. When you install fonts via configuration profiles or create an email profile, you can now set the profile to automatically expire after a specified date or time frame.

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Fonteer allows you to install OTF or TTF fonts on any device you use by emailing the fonts as a configuration profile. From the emailed file, you can extract the fonts into FontBook so that they are available to any application that allows you to change fonts. This application allows you to simultaneously manage various font collections, explore and install Google Fonts, and download different fonts using your browser or email. You can use it with a wide range of applications, including Pages, Keynote, Numbers, Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Autodesk SketchBook, Pixelmator and Adobe Comp. Test the app by downloading the free version, which will let you try three fonts. If you like the interface and find it easy to use, you can purchase the entire app for a one-time price and have access to unlimited font installations. Fonteer does not allow you to change the font on the home screen, in messages, or in email.


RightFont ($3)

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You can get the flexible RightFont app for iOS for free. With this app, you can install, view and manage fonts on iPhone and iPad. The application supports OTF, TTF and TTC formats, and once installed, the fonts work with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pages, Keynote, Numbers and many other applications. You can download fonts to your device, iCloud Drive, or Google Drive. You can even share fonts via AirDrop and email and easily install them using RightFont. RightFont is compatible with iOS 13 and above and allows you to view all font families with custom content.

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