The best abilities in V Rising

V Getting up it’s full of ways to improve your vampire character. As a survival game, you can expect tons of crafting and looting to equip your night lord with new, more powerful gear as you progress, but your physical tools are only a small part of your arsenal. After all, you’re not just a vampire for fun, and the game takes advantage of your undead status to give you tons of powerful skills and abilities you can unlock related to your vampiric nature to throw at your enemies.

Abilities aren’t unlocked like they would be in a normal action RPG, or as you’d expect in an RPG in general. Instead of just gaining new powers by leveling up, V Getting up it makes you work for those new powers by completing certain tasks. These abilities come in different varieties, and you can only equip so much of each in your hot bar to use at any given time, meaning you’ll have to start making decisions early on about which ones are worth keeping. If you want to be the deadliest creature of the night, here are all the best abilities you should equip V Getting up.

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How to unlock new abilities

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Unlocking new abilities in V Getting up it’s related, like most things, to how a vampire could gain more power if it were real. In this case, by sucking blood from powerful enemies. V Blood is a special type of blood exclusive to the game’s bosses, and if you drain it after killing them, you’ll be able to spend it to unlock a new ability. You can take on these bosses at any time by going to your castle’s Blood Altar, which will direct you to the source of V blood, and then go to that location on the map. When you arrive, you’ll still have to determine the boss via their blood scent, but once you’re in the right area, you’ll have no problem locating the boss.

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Once you get V Blood, you can unlock and equip your new ability with a strike J to see all your abilities and place them on your hot bar.

Abilities come in three types: Basic, Travel and Ultimate. You can only equip two basic abilities, one travel and one ultimate, for a total of four active abilities in your hot lane. Finally, there are five different categories of abilities that all fall into three overall types. These are: Blood, Unholy, Illusion, Chaos and Frost. They all have different focuses based on their type, such as blood focusing on healing and Frost focusing on inflicting cold. Here are our picks for the best broken down by type

Best basic abilities

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Sanguine Coil — Blood ability

This ability is a skillhot projectile that you fire that deals 75% magic damage, plus life leeches for 40% health when it lands. If that’s not strong enough, hitting an ally with it will actually heal them for 100% and heal yourself for 40% of your spell power. You get three refills, and each one is on an individual cooldown so you can run them out so you always have one ready. This is obviously not an ability that will deal tons of damage, but an ability to heal whenever you need it, and for such high amounts (almost too much in our opinion when used against allies), there’s no reason to leave home without Sanguine Coil in your hot lane.

Power Surge — Chaos ability

Power Surge starts by clearing you of any debuffs on the target, yourself or an ally, giving them a shield for 150% of your spell power, then increases your movement speed and attack speed by 25% until the shield is broken. Debuffs happen a lot more than in most RPGs V Getting up and are usually a huge pain to deal with. Especially during bosses, you’ll find yourself subject to at least one status effect at almost any time, so one possibility of removal all of them is suddenly worthy of your attention. Adding a powerful shield and double bounce to movement and attack means you can turn a moment where you would have to defend into an opportunity to attack.

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Crystal Lance — Ability to freeze

This is another projectile ability that makes your vampire throw a frozen spear at an enemy that, assuming it hits, deals an initial 150% of your magic damage, plus causes a Chill effect. If you don’t know, hitting an enemy affected by Chill will cause them to freeze, making them unable to move or act for four seconds (or half that time if used against another player in PvP). If you hit the Crystal Lance, it will also shatter into additional projectiles that scatter outwards for 50% initial damage, but still carry the Chill effect. Not only is this good single target damage, but also an amazing crowd control ability.

Best travel skills

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Veil of Chaos — Chaos ability

Veil of Chaos causes your character to dash in whichever direction you choose, giving you a little over two seconds of invincibility and knocking back the next attack you use after racing for 25% extra damage. However, you can also charge twice in a row, which will create an illusion that explodes after a short time for 50% of your magic damage. The reason this tops the Travel Abilities list isn’t just because of its usage, which is quite decent, but because it has a miniscule 0.3 second cast time. Since travel abilities are primarily focused on avoiding danger, the ability to use them to react is a top priority.

Veil of Illusion — Illusion ability

Our first look at an ability from the Illusions category concerns her tricky travel ability. This will be another dash that gives you the same amount of i-frames as any other, as well as a 25% bonus to your next attack. What’s different is that the quick game creates an illusion that will fire projectiles that deal 40% of your magic damage, and if you cast it twice in a row, you return to your starting position and create another illusion. This is useful for setting up more DPS, but it’s really great in PvP because it gives you the option to fake where your opponent is going.

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Bone Veil — Unholy ability

You already know the basics of this; i-frames on the dash, but instead of getting a buff on your next attack, it instead turns into a projectile that deals 25% magic damage. That sounds weak, and it is, but that projectile can chain up to four enemies and also inflicts the Amplify status on them. Enemies with Amplify take an additional 25% damage for the next five seconds, allowing you to clear the crowd much faster.

Best Ultimate abilities

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Arctic Leap — Ability to freeze

Now for the powerful abilities. Arctic Leap sends your vampire flying, crashing and dealing 225% magic damage in a small AoE that also freezes every enemy in range for up to six seconds (again, half as much for other players). What’s not to like about this ability? The jump pulls you out of danger, hits like a truck, and then freezes any enemy that might be in position to hit you afterwards for six seconds. If there is a defect, we cannot find it.

Mirror Strike — Illusion ability

This is your full anime ninja move that will make you feel like a real vampire. You begin by charging in a certain direction and begin attacking all enemies within a set range for three seconds or until you cancel the attack, dealing 600% magic damage divided by the number of targets in that area. All targets are also affected by the debuff, so they will take 30% more damage for five seconds if they survive the initial attack. All this makes this Ultimate extremely flexible. You can use it on a single target for massive damage or in a crowd to spread it out, but either way you’ll get extra damage afterwards thanks to Weaken.

Heart attack — Ability of blood

Finally, Heart Strike is a decent Ultimate as a replacement than the others if you prefer to stick with abilities that share damage with healing. This move knocks you down in a straight line, attacking any enemies in your path for 150% magic damage and healing you for 150% of your spell power over the next 3.5 seconds. After your run ends, an AoE gore blast is triggered, dealing an additional 150% magic damage to all enemies in the area. This has some benefits, like dash and heal, but the damage isn’t as impressive for Ultimate, which is what you should be looking for when filling this slot.

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