That ‘90s Show Finally Proves How Weird Leo’s Role Was In That ‘70s Show

warning! This article contains spoilers for Season 1 of That ’90s Show! Leo back That 90s show Finally makes Kitty question his strange ties to the gang That’s 70 performances. as That’s 70 performances Focuses on the counterculture of the 1970s, with references to pop culture figures of the era and teen pastime in the sitcom “The Circle”, Leo’s resident drug addict role is perfect. To make it even better, Leo is played by Tommy Chong, one of the most notorious celebrities associated with the 1970s rock culture. After his introduction That’s 70 performances In season 2, Leo frequently appeared on sitcoms while hanging out with teenagers and joining their circles.

And That 90s show Continuing to focus on Circles and finding collectible franchises, That’s 70 performancesThe return of the character Leo is a fitting testament to the notion that Point Place will never change.exist That 90s show Leo first appeared in Season 1 when Leia tried to find an unreturned copy office staff, the culprit was the town’s resident Stoner. After Leia and Kitty arrive at Leo’s house, Kitty has to explain how she met the eccentric character, stating that Leo is “aan old man he used to hang out with [Eric] with my teenage friendWhen told, Kitty finally sees the truth about Leo’s drug relationship with the gang.

Leo’s relationship with Eric and The Gang was never questioned in the ’70s show

When the group started hanging out with Leo That’s 70 performances, the parents of Eric, Red and Kitty, have never really questioned his relationship with the 17-year-old. Instead, Red just called him “greasy hippies‘ and Kitty hails him as another father figure to Hyde. Until Leo That’s 70 performances In season 4, all of his plots were about teenage characters, so it’s strange that Eric’s parents never bothered to ask why an older person spends most of his time. for high school students.

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Even stranger, one of the episodes from That’s 70 performances Donna, Jackie, and Leo play Circle alone in their ex’s bedroom, though no one bothers to question why a random old man is alone with two teenage girls. Tommy Chong’s Leo was there because he provided them with marijuana, but it’s still one of the many strange situations in the series. That’s 70 performances. Fifteen years later, That 90s showReturning characters now have time to reflect on their indifference to questionable situations in the 1970s and the differences between the original sitcom and 1995’s Padkey Kids.

Why did it take Katie so long to realize the truth about Leo

Show of the 70s Leo Kitty

The implication of Leo’s relationship with teenagers is that he is providing them with marijuana. So it makes sense that Kitty and Red don’t question Leo’s role, since they didn’t notice Eric and the group’s smoking habits in the first place. That 90s show repeat That’s 70 performancesThe Circles prove that Red and Kitty still don’t know the full extent of what happened in Forman’s basement, but at least now they have hindsight about Eric smoking in the 1970s.

Kitty often tries to avoid facing uncomfortable truths about their family and friends, so it’s possible she suspects Leo of going back in time. That’s 70 performancesbut choose to ignore. Besides, Kitty really likes Leo as a person That’s 70 performancesshe may have realized that if Red had known the truth about his ties to the gang, her husband would never have let Leo return home. Leo can come back That 90s show Season 2 finally sees Kitty confront him about giving the teenager grass.

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