Tetramon Monster Battles TCG MOD APK (Menu, Onehit/High Health) 1.27

Become the strongest tamer in Tetramon Monster Battles TCG. The battle with monsters and players ensures an unprecedented experience. Collect monsters, find and defeat them. Capture the monsters in the card and combine them into a group of ferocious monsters. The more monsters, the stronger your combination. Carry with you the necessary cards to be able to hit other players. Always remember that you are strong and others can be strong too. You may be strong, but someone is stronger. Do not be subjective, continue to collect the strongest monsters. Fight with other players and become the master of powerful cards.

A multiplayer fighting game that requires you to train a team of monsters on your own. They will join you against other players from all over the world. To become strong, fight and tame any monsters when they appear. Your movements may be difficult and you may lose to monsters. But to be the best tamer, try to tame them. Upgrade animals as needed and train them to master skills. Become the strongest full of thorns waiting for you to discover and overcome.

Download Tetramon Monster Battles TCG mod – Great Beast Hunter

A game that brings together people who aspire to be the best animal trainers. You and other players will get lost and fight in a world full of monsters. Your job is to defeat monsters and capture them in battle cards. As you collect, others will do the same to you, but you are not an ally to them. It will be useful if you create your own army of monsters and defeat other players. Play as a beast tamer, defeat and level up your monsters. In Tetramon Monster Battles Battles TCG, there is only one strongest pet owner. Work hard to cultivate and perfect the strongest monster squad, and at the same time top the leaderboard.

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Monster Battle Tetramon TCG Android

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Your monster training will be tested when you face monsters. In each level, you will be challenged by other tamers. Their aim is to defeat you and find stronger monsters after each victory. You must lead your team of monsters to stop them, fighting them every turn. They attack your demons and you respond to them. In tit-for-tat, no one is superior to anyone, only the strong will win. Deciding which monster to hit on the next turn will always affect the victory of the game. Try to keep as many wins against other players and tame as many strong monsters as possible.

Tetramon Monster Battles TCG apk

The strongest beast trainer

Pet cards will help you level up your squad. Worried about collecting cards but still getting those cards back? Don’t take it lightly, because you can match cards together. Instead, increase the animal’s attack and survivability by using unnecessary animal cards. Upgrade your monster team’s special skills to make them stronger against other beasts. Be careful when combining cards and upgrading your team’s skills. When you know how to use your cards wisely, you will become the most powerful beast tamer.

Tetramon TCG Mod 3 Monster Battle

the ultimate beast fight

The game opens the final arena where you can compete against all other players. Using the animal teams you find, lead the strongest team you build and prove your superiority over other players. Then sweep your opponent’s monsters to defeat all enemies in the arena. The matches are intense, exciting and require the right tactics to win. Prove that your fighting ability is far superior to your opponents. Use arena special rewards to level up monsters. Grow your team into the strongest demons and take the top spot on the beast leaderboard.

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Tetramon TCG Monster War APK 3

Prove your training by participating in PvP battles in Monster World. Defeat all enemies in confrontations to get powerful monster cards. Collect rewards after winning battles to upgrade monster cards to final status. Run the strongest squad and participate in monster battles in the monster arena. Dive into exciting arenas and meet talented animal trainers. Use reasonable tactics to defeat your opponent and become the leader of the leaderboard. Download the Tetramon Monster Battles TCG mod and become the best in the monster battleground.

Download Tetramon Monster Battles TCG MOD APK for Android (Menu, Onehit/High Health)

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