Test your observation skills and spot the leopard hidden in the bushes within 9 seconds!

The brain, the most powerful organ in the body, sometimes tricks itself into seeing something that isn’t there or vice versa. An ideal example of this trick is the optical illusion puzzle. These puzzles are usually graphic illustrations that often hide something in plain sight. According to researchers, solving these illusion puzzles gives you great brain training, which can significantly improve your observational and problem-solving skills. Are you ready for a remarkably difficult optical puzzle today? Let’s go.

Turn on your eagle eyes and find 3 differences in the dog picture within 15 seconds!

Optical Illusion – Spot a leopard in 9 seconds

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The picture above shows a view of the bush. There is nothing in the picture but bushes and a lurking leopard. Cheetah is well camouflaged in this optical image and you have to find it in limited time. You only have 9 seconds to spot the leopard in the photo.

You know what you have to do. Set your timer and get started.

This optical illusion challenges your observation skills. You will only easily find the leopard if you have good observation skills, while those without the above skills will find it difficult to spot the hidden animal. Hurry up. The clock is ticking.

Scroll down to see the solution.

Optical illusion solution

You are asked to spot a leopard hidden in the bushes in this optical puzzle. This is:


You can also try: Can your eagle eyes spot Mickey Mouse lurking in the picture of The Little Mermaid within 8 seconds?

If you have good observation skills, you can easily find out which characters are hiding behind the zigzag lines.

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