Tailei Qi Bio, Age, Wife, Nationality, UNC Shooting Suspect

Tailei Qi is reportedly a graduate student at UNC who was about to get a Ph.D. but ended up as a suspect in a shooting that took place at Caudill Labs. How old is he? Does he have a wife? What is his nationality?

Here’s what we know about Tailei.

Meet Tailei Qi, UNC’s shooting suspect

After a professor in his research department was shot and killed, Tailei Qi, a graduate student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, was charged with first-degree murder. After the shooting at Caudill Labs, which prompted an hours-long lockdown that forced students and faculty to barricade themselves in classrooms and dormitories as officials searched for the suspect, Tailei was arrested Monday afternoon.

The UNC shooting suspect was booked into the Orange County Detention Center in Hillsborough and charged with possession of a weapon on school grounds. The incident began when students were notified of an armed and dangerous person after 1 p.m., which occurred during the second week of the fall semester at UNC.

At 2:24 p.m., the university again issued a warning that the suspect is still evading arrest. A photo of the unidentified person was released to the public, and the suspect was eventually found in a residential area near the university. Social media users posted videos of terrified students hiding in classrooms, and some climbing onto the windows of the school building. Around 16:15, the blockade was lifted.

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The lockdown, which also affected nearby public schools, continued, according to UNC Police Chief Brian James, while authorities confirmed the identity of the suspect and investigated rumors of possible additional victims. “We had to make sure the entire campus was safe,” he said Monday.

There were no other reports of injuries in the shooting. In order to notify the victim’s family, the victim, who was previously described as a professor, was not immediately identified. Zijie Yan, an associate professor in the Department of Applied Physical Sciences, was identified as the shooting victim in an arrest warrant.

Tailei was named as a member of Yan’s lab team on the university department’s website, which has since been removed.

A gun was not immediately found in Monday’s incident, but investigators said they would question the suspect to find out why. “We certainly want an opportunity to question the suspect,” James said. “Actually keeping the suspect in custody gives us a chance to understand why. And even how, and it also helps us uncover the motive and … actually why it happened today.”

According to the Alamance County Coroner, the suspect was pulled over by police two days before the shooting and ticketed for speeding by about 20 mph on the interstate.

Tailei Qi career

Graduate student Tailei Qi is enrolled in the Applied Physical Sciences program at UNC Chapel Hill. He studies optically trapped arrays of nanoparticles and various exciting phenomena associated with them. In addition to 2D TMD photodetectors, optical tweezers (continuous wavelength laser and femtosecond laser), microspectroscopy (Raman, fluorescence, SHG, SEM, TEM, XDS, XPS, XRD), and 2G HTS superconductors, he also has experience in these areas.

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Tailei is also interested in machine learning and the synthesis and self-assembly of nanoparticles. He enjoys trekking and running. He once won the 800 m and finished sixth in the 1500 m.

Tailei worked as a researcher at the Suzhou Advanced Materials Research Institute. He worked there from 2015 to 2017. After that, he joined the Southern University of Science & Technology as a research assistant until 2019.

Furthermore, Tailei received his BS and BAM degrees from Wuhan University. He earned a master’s degree in materials science from Louisiana State University.

On X, Qi wrote, “ @UNC grad student, working on light-matter interaction and related materials.” His latest post on his profile reads: “How did you find your postdoctoral position?” He also reposted the person’s tweet about the typhoon in China.

On July 31, 2023, Tailei tweeted, “would like to make new friends. I am a second-year PhD student, interested in nanoparticle synthesis, optical trapping, self-assembly, spectrum analysis and ML. a little stupid in everyday things, very enthusiastic talk about research. Contact me if you are interested.”

That same day he wrote: “What is the truth?” The post in June read: “When a girl like this puts her ‘best’ on begging others to ‘help me’, everyone looks down on me. kind of an angelic cu****.” It is not clear who he was referring to. He also wrote: “Many counter-intuitive situations in society: the minimum wage does more harm than it protects the poor; the gender quota is not for the protection of women, but for strengthening discrimination.”

Tailei Qi Age

In 2023, Tailei Qi is 34 years old.

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What is Tailei Qi’s nationality?

Because he received his college education in China, Tailei Qi is probably Chinese by nationality.

Wife of Tailei Qi

Tailei Qi is on several social media platforms, but has shared little to no personal information as of this article. So it is not clear if he is married, single or currently dating anyone as of this article.

Related FAQs

  • Is Tailei Qi on Facebook and Twitter?

Yes, Tailei Qi is on Facebook (@taileiqi) and Twitter (@TaileiQi).

  • When is Tailei Qi’s birthday?

Tailei Qi’s birthday information is not available.

  • How tall is Tailei Qi?

Tailei Qi’s height is under 5 feet 10 inches.

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