Sydney Sweeney’s Madame Web Character Means Unfortunate Things For The MCU

Rumors about Sydney Sweeney’s role at Sony Mrs. Weber Could be a harbinger of bad things to come for the MCU. Mrs. Weber is one of the upcoming movies in Sony’s Spider-Man universe venomWhile SSU currently lacks a hero with the same name, since Sony’s deal will likely keep Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the MCU, that doesn’t mean it will last forever. Spider-Man: No Place To Return Bring back Andrew Garfield and hope he gets the second chance he deserves. If they can make it work, he will be the perfect unifying character for this stubborn and confusing team.

Mrs. Weber is a perfect example of the unusually bold choices Sony has made when building its own brand. While it’s surprising that the extra Spider-Man will get his own movie, Mrs. WeberAn engaging cast and with a potential plot, this movie could be just what SSU needs. Dakota Johnson plays the famous prophet, and she’s joined by Emma Roberts, Adam Scott and Sydney Sweeney.this Happiness The star is increasingly becoming a household name and her role could be crucial to the entire series, but what’s more interesting is that even the MCU can be influenced by Sweeney’s character.

Sydney Sweeney May Play Spider-Woman in Madame Web

exist Mrs. Weber, Johansson will play Cassandra Webb, a blind clairvoyant who has the ability to allow her to see the so-called “Spider World”. Logically, Johnson could be an important unifying figure for different SSUs, much like Mrs. Webb, but Sydney Sweeney’s role is actually more important. She will play Julia Carpenter, who becomes not only Webber’s successor but also the second Spider-Man, Mrs. WeberThere are several different iterations of Spider-Man throughout the comics, starting with Jessica Drew, who debuted in 1977, and then Julia Carpenter in 1984. Others include Mattie Franklin, Gwen Stacy, and Ashley Barton.

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It’s interesting that Sony jumps right into Carpenter’s Spider-Woman, but also makes sense given her connection to Mrs. Webb and Spider-Man. While Spider-Man uses physical webs, this Spider-Man actually uses psychic energy to create his web. In addition, after becoming the second Mrs. Weber, she gained Weber’s clairvoyance and telepathy at the cost of her eyesight. Overall, Carpenter definitely makes sense as a character Mrs. Weber And SSU in general, but she’s also very interesting considering Spider-Man’s connection to the multiverse. She actually debuted in secret war and can be included in the MCU as part of Avengers: Secret War If not for the Sony deal.

Sony’s Spider-Verse needs Spider-Woman to succeed at a distance

Julia Carpenter aka Mrs. Web

So far, SSU has been very weird and disorganized. venom And Venom: Carnage They are fun in their own right and have a lot to appreciate. However, mobile Brand is totally is Kraven Hunter, As one of Spider-Man’s greatest villains, he makes sense in these situations. However, after that, they made some strange decisions like zombie And hypnotized liartwo characters with no name next to.spider woman join Mrs. Weber Might be the unifying force the SSU needs, especially when the MCU is holding on to Tom Holland Spiderman 4 Even further, perhaps.

Honestly, their villain-focused approach to the franchise doesn’t work. Not only did they need a villain to engage the audience — Morbius certainly didn’t — but they also needed a strong villain to go with it. A character like Spider-Woman can provide that. In fact, that could make Sweeney’s Julia Carpenter one of the biggest stars in Tom Hardy’s Venom series, regardless of who will play Silk in her upcoming SSU TV show, Silk: Spider Guild. They can bring different plots together and help focus on one overarching story.

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What about Spider-Woman in the MCU?

Spider-Man parallel universe

Sweeney’s Julia Carpenter role could mean Jessica Drew’s Spider-Man is still present in the MCU. There’s definitely a place for her, especially considering her relationship with secret invasion comic arc. However, it’s not as simple as introducing her as other Marvel characters. In fact, a theory by Emilia Clarke secret invasion The character hinted that the show could be for others inspired by Spider-Woman’s history. Due to the rights deal with Sony, Jessica Drew’s future in the MCU is uncertain, even if she’s more willing and in line with the SSU franchise.

After handing Spider-Man over to the MCU, Sony didn’t want to give up any of their key roles. Jessica Drew will appear on Spider-Man: Entering the Spider-Man Universe, voiced by Issa Rae. Presumably, that role will expand to another team with Spider-Gwen and Silk. In reality shows, there are also about spider woman Of course, the movie, possibly directed by Olivia Wilde, will be the nail in the coffin for her chance in the MCU. While it’s great to see her fight alongside Captain Marvel or Hawkeye, unfortunately, even Spider-Man: No Place To Return Set up Spider-Woman’s intro.

For some MCU fans, this could mean bad things

Spider-Man Sony MCU

Jessica Drew isn’t the only Sony character whose MCU prospects could be downsized under the SSU program. Honestly, if Sony wants the SSU to succeed, it can’t escape its most popular, powerful, and prolific ethos. While her best home is actually in the MCU, Jessica Drew could still easily be integrated as part of SSU. A main character also affected is one that fans would love to see in the MCU Spider-Man: Back home Kind of teases him – Miles Morales – but he might share Spider-Woman’s fate.

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like a leader spider fishing and as one of today’s most beloved Marvel heroes, it would be foolish for Sony to drop Miles. Many people hope Avengers: Secret War Miles Morales could be introduced just like in the comics, and then he could be teamed up with Peter Parker Spiderman 4 throughout. However, Sony may decide to keep Miles to themselves and use him as their Spider-Man in SSU to ensure the franchise truly lives up to its name and can compete at the box office. Using Spider-Man Mrs. Weber It seems innocent, but it could prevent iconic heroes from joining the MCU.

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