Super Tuesday: can you be Joe Biden, the rise of Bernie Sanders, come?

It’s Super Tuesday in the united states. Democrats are in up to fourteen states to decide presidential candidate in november, will go up against Donald Trump.

It’s Super Tuesday in the united states. Democrats are in up to fourteen states to decide presidential candidate in november, will go up against Donald Trump. The battle is now focused on the left-Bernie Sanders, and the counter is Joe Biden.

on Super Tuesday, more than a hundred of the delegates are divided approximately one – third of the national total. In addition to the primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire, two small, white states form the two states on Super Tuesday to offer a more accurate reflection of the American people.

This means that the winners will be notified by a single blow of a sharp edge over their rivals to build up, and lost himself to the question whether the campaign was still viable.

finally, in regards to that last point, there is an important percentage to keep in mind: the 15 per cent. The Democratic Party has decided that a candidate has at least a share of the votes will have to meet in order to be eligible for the proportional distribution of the delegates. This rule is designed to provide candidates who have little chance to win the ultimate profits out of the race to catch up.

Buttigieg, and Klobuchar got out of the way to Offer

the Two ex-candidates, and the 15-procentsregel not likely to get it extracted, was Pete Buttigieg, and Amy Klobuchar. She was over earlier in the week, for their election campaigns.

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The timing of the decision was remarkable, because the two candidates had a great deal of time, money, and effort has been put into the Super Tuesday states.

There is a two-fold testimony: the questions provided, nor Buttigieg, nor Klobuchar have much hope, and the victory, although He increased the pressure on them to get in the way, so that the moderate wing of the party is behind the Offer to join.

Both of the drop-outs indicated that they are located behind the former vice president’s decision. They are young enough to be in the very near future many, many times, to compete for the presidency. It might not hurt the Democratic party-leadership, keep in mind that they will be in 2020, it is neat opzijgingen.

Moderates, they are the progressives

The moderate camp within the Democratic party is at a disadvantage. During the campaign, up until now, moderate and Democratic voters, the choice of a large number of candidates, while He is on the left wing, the only direct competition was from Elizabeth Warren.

He’s been since his last shot at the presidency in 2016, well-organised organisation to built up, that depends on a huge number of small donations, and an army of dedicated volunteers.

The Democratic party-leadership, and prominent Democrats, such as former-president-elect Barack Obama had been on the plain in their tastes and preferences, out of fear for the defence of the Freak that he is, by the establishment, will be sent to confirm all his followers, and to dispose of it.

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in the Meantime the wind has turned and more and more public figures behind the Offer to stand.

The 38-year-old Pete Buttigieg was on Sunday put an end to his campaign. He was forty years old to be the president, say the experts. (Photo: Reuters) Will Offer the comeback kid?

and Joe Biden, started the race as the big favourite, but ran a poor campaign. He came to public appearances was on, it was on the campaign trail is a lot less than its rivals, and it wasn’t an effective campaign team is to put together as many of its rivals.

The former vice president did to the tide last week with a big win in South Carolina. Now, the question is whether he has that momentum, you can hold it. Biden is counting mainly on his support among african Americans, which is about one-third of the total Democratic electorate to form.

Who’s going to run away to California or Texas?

most of The attention Tuesday at the two main states where Tuesday’s vote, because that’s where the majority of the delegates will be divided in: Ca (494), Texas (262).

In the first, and by far the most important, and state that He is in most of the polls have a margin of about 10 to 20 percentage points, to Biden and Bloomberg. In the polls in Texas he is also a competitive advantage, but it is considerably smaller in size.

In the national polls is running Offer, which is, in the past few months, a steep and duikeling was used, again, to be nice to the Freak, with, respectively, up 21.3 and 27.5 per cent on Tuesday. Mike Bloomberg is only the distance of three, with 15 percent of the time.

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