Succession’s Complete Roy Family Tree Explained

Three seasons, heir The ups and downs of the Roy family are chronicled as each member of the genealogy vie for power in their media company, Waystar Royco. From the show’s sadistic leader, Logan Roy, to the family’s estranged cousins, everyone on the show is vying for a spot in the company, and the family is large, with many branches. Character and plot details to remember. Throughout the show, more members of the Roy family were introduced and the romantic relationship opened up to more characters.

Despite past and upcoming seasons heir Season 4 focuses on today’s Roy family, and the series often deals with the Roy siblings and even Logan’s past as a child, long before Waystar Royco began. Part of a show that gives you an insight into the roots of the Roy . family Inherited The prologue, which shows well-dressed children growing up in wealthy manors, forms conflicts and alliances that last throughout the film. It seems that as Vesta’s power grows, the Roy family will grow larger and more complex.

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As the last patriarch of the Roy family, Logan Roy is the puppet of the rich heir. He founded Waystar Royco and continued to lead the company despite poor health and advanced age. At the beginning of the episode, Logan plans to retire and hand the company over to his second son, but he changes his mind at the last second, leading to a tense series of events involving betrayal, anger and revenge. Logan has been married three times and has four children.

Before Logan started his business, he was a young boy in Dundee, Scotland. As World War II ravaged Europe, Logan’s mother sent him and his two siblings to Canada to live with their uncle. According to Logan, his uncle abused him and he blamed himself for his sister’s death. Logan eventually escaped and founded his own media company. Waystar Royco is a fictional media corporation Owns many news channels, produces movies and operates various theme parks and cruise ships. Audience watching HBO heir Get to know the company and its issues intimately.

Ivan Roy

ivan and logan in a row

Logan’s closest and only connection to his youth is his brother, Ewan Roy.exist heir, Ivan was a staunch opponent of Logan’s way of working and an outspoken activist against capitalism and big business.

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Due to different views on life, the two brothers did not get along and often quarreled around each other. Overall, Ewan is a no-nonsense guy, modest and pretty consistent in most matters. He has at least one daughter.

Caroline Collingwood and Marcia

Caroline and Marcia talk about succession

Although Logan has been through three marriages, only the second wife and the third wife appear in heir. His second wife was English aristocrat Caroline Collingwood. While not much is known about Logan’s marriage to Caroline, it’s clear that it ended badly and the two weren’t really friends even years after their divorce. Caroline still holds shares Inherited Waystar throughout season 3, even though she lives in the UK and is remarried. Caroline is sassy, ​​passive, aggressive, and often cruel to children she rarely sees.

Marcia was Logan’s third wife, to whom he is still married to this day heirAt the beginning of the episode, Marcia and Logan were inseparable, and she helped Logan recover from his stroke. Logan calls her his successor despite splitting from the Waystar Royco deal heir Season 1 and Marcia were instrumental in making decisions for Logan and keeping him away from the kids. Marcia eventually loses some of her powers, though later in the series after Logan cheats on her. Marcia has a cunning, manipulative nature, which she trusts with a motherly look. She has a son named Amir.

Conner Roy

Connor succeeds

Conor Roy is the eldest son of Logan’s first wife. exist heir In season 1, Connor is quite goofy and doesn’t seem threatening at the beginning of the series. He is clearly in dire need of his father’s approval and is not very involved in the family business. His siblings also tease him because his girlfriend Vera is a hired prostitute. Despite being Roy’s eldest son, Connor is often looked down upon for his conservative desires and eccentric views.

However, later in heir, Connor’s personality becomes even more elusive after he decides to run for president. While the rest of Roy’s family clearly doubted him, Connor remained steadfast in his ambitions and began to position himself in the political arena. He also asked Logan for more authority and support to help him run for president.

Kendall Roy

Kendall speaking into the microphone on the Successor

Kendall Roy is the second son of Logan Roy and the eldest son of Caroline Collingwood, the alleged heir to Waystar Royco. After losing his job at the company, Kendall plans to move there. heir Season 3 takes over Waystar from the outside. Kendall is logical and strategic, often trying to appear cold and indifferent to his Waystar Royco clients. However, despite all his preparations and ideas, Kendall’s character is still very domineering and his mistakes within the company have caused Logan to distrust him.

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Plus, Kendall’s personal life is complicated. Right from the start heir, It is revealed that Kendall is a recovering addict. Like Connor, he works hard to please Logan but struggles emotionally with his father’s cruelty. Overall, Kendall and Logan’s relationship becomes strained due to their expectations of each other. Kendall is estranged from his wife, Lava, and occasionally sees his two children, Iverson and Sophie. Kendall’s core is stealing and cheating heir Because he wants to do the right thing and get the power he feels he deserves, but the demons inside him often get in his way.



Roman Roy is the third son of Logan, the second child of Caroline Collingwood and the CEO of Waystar Royco. heir. Roman plays an important role in the family business, especially after Logan fires his former COO Frank and puts Roman in charge. Roman aspires to be the head of Waystar, but is seen as the black sheep of his family. Despite his siblings’ doubts, he firmly believes he can lead the company and often takes on projects to prove his worth. Unfortunately, these projects often spiral out of control and he has to work with Waystar Chief Counsel Gerri on damage control.

Roman in heir. He often makes obscene and inappropriate jokes, while slashing his siblings every turn. However, Roman will not participate heir, Always be obedient at once and take Logan’s side, even when he doesn’t want to. Roman also has difficulty in love and sexuality, and develops feelings for Grey. He is a generally unpredictable character who is clearly shaped by the dynamics of his childhood and seeks justice for the way he feels he has been wronged.

Siobhan “Shiv” Roy


Shiv Roy is the only child of Logan, the third child of Caroline Collingwood and a shareholder of Waystar Royco. heir, Shiv thrives as a political consultant. Among Roy’s children, Shiv is Logan’s favorite and nicknames her “Pinky”. When Kendall was not Logan’s successor and the job was hotly contested, Schiff worked hard to convince her father to trust her to head the company. Although she is often persuasive, Shiv still has trouble navigating Logan’s stubborn emotions and opinions.

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Shiv is dating Tom heir In season 1, the two got married before the season ended. Although outwardly she loves her husband wholeheartedly, Shiv often keeps him a secret and talks to him. Also, she’s not fully committed to her marriage and is defensive about the subject. She is an ambitious, mysterious and intelligent woman who is not afraid to hurt her family to achieve her goals.

Tom Vancegans

Tom is talking on the phone in a cream suit in Success.

Although Tom is not a blood member of the Roy family, he is in heir. He is Shiv’s husband and works for Waystar Royco’s ATN news station. Tom has a good relationship with Logan and wants to please him, especially with Shiv. For the most part, Tom is satisfied with his role at Waystar, although he tends to maximize his authority over the people who work under him. heir In season 4, Tom betrayed Schiff in one of his biggest moves in the series.

Tom is a really kind and caring person. While he can sometimes have a bully mentality, he’s usually just trying to fit in with the Roy family. He loves Shiv unconditionally and develops a close relationship with Greg, Roy’s cousin. heir, Tom’s good nature is put to the test when Roy’s family manipulates and uses him for their benefit.

Greg Hirsch

Greg repeatedly raised his hand to testify

Greg Hirsch is the grandson of Logan Roy, the grandson of Ewan Roy and the first cousin of the Roy siblings. After being fired from Waystar Royco Park, he met Logan and got a job with Tom at ATN. Greg works hard for the company and doesn’t seem to want to rise to the top, even though he’s often allied with Tom and Kendall. from start to finish heir, Greg becomes a better conspirator, improves his ability to lie and negotiate, and earns Logan’s respect.

Greg is shy but ambitious. He has a clumsy air, but is very sincere and friendly. Aside from the Roy siblings feud and drama, Greg struggles to fit in and do the right thing. Feeling like an outsider in the family led him to develop a close relationship with Tom, and the two often interacted as husband and wife. Greg spends most of his time heir Try to keep everyone happy while trying to climb the Waystar Royco ladder and achieve yourself.

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