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Gold and diamonds are rising instead of falling!

Stunt Car Extreme is a premium racing game that feels amazing on every kilometer. The contest is who controls the car at maximum speed through zigzag turns. You will be amazed at your ability to play the bow, it is steep slopes, but made of wood. Wherever you go, the floor will sink, and when you walk by, you know you’re alive. Players race against time to collect the required amount for each level. Challenges are constantly being set, putting pressure on you and making you put in a lot of effort. It’s hard if you have weak steering, and when you start climbing, you will sway when accelerating and you will fall.

Instead of hearing car horns and honking horns, you can wake up to great music. It kills hard work and stress with pleasant comfort and entertainment. The tempo of the song also depends on the speed of your car, and if you hear the engine humming, it means you are too tired. The level is too high, every accelerator is bogged down; you have to control the same speed as you speak. The same goes for refueling your car if you need to release a lot of gas or need to be limited. You make the throttle go too far, make the brake not in time, not catch the slope, that’s the game over.

Download Stunt Car Extreme mod – take your car to the next level

In Stunt Car Extreme, the car also knows how to feel the speed. It knows where it’s safe to dock; If you abuse it, it will break its wings and fall down. No car can withstand excessive greed for speed; balance check. Since your route through it is different, up and down, you need to increase and decrease your speed. You will go through several levels in a row; Levels and challenges are also increased. It requires your driving skills and proficiency, quickly observing the terrain and flexibly jumping left and right. You see the beautiful place as the background and love it as you love yourself.

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Stunt Car Extreme mod apk

Customize your car to your liking

Stunt Car Extreme will let you do what you love, wherever you want. From choosing color, vehicle type to vehicle upgrades, it’s all up to you to decide. There are many obstacles to move your vehicle; unfortunately, hitting them will cause it to deform. You can completely repaint and replace damaged accessories to save money. But when you have a lot of money, buying a new car is a lot easier. Off-road vehicles, sports cars and many other stormy models also appeared. If you accumulate a lot of hidden keys, you have the right to own a better, more advanced car than the one you currently own.

extreme car stunt apk

Gradually increase the level

A game without conquests will make players feel bored. But Stunt Car Extreme improves on that; The game offers many different levels. The levels are arranged from easy to difficult and the first level is very easy to use. If you quickly overcome, do not rush to be complacent, there are still many difficulties waiting for you ahead. Mild degrees; Vehicle speed is only about 20 km, uphill gently. You won’t be able to pass the ramps unless you pull all the stops at hundreds of kilometers per hour. The game is like this, leaving the tense atmosphere behind and stimulating the players’ blood and desire for revenge.

Stunt Car Extreme Apk Free

conquer the terrain

Players can finally try their hand at challenging highway roads. Once I chased a train, but I couldn’t keep up while on the tracks. I was swallowed by a novice player and jumped to a narrower path to make room for the car. It was an important moment. The difficult cases given by Stunt Car Extreme are extremely difficult. You even have to climb into the cabin as there is no wheelchair access. Going on a stormy road, not to mention there are other vehicles in circulation. Your steering is firm, feel the speed; otherwise you will never be able to cross these dangerous roads.

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Extreme car stunt

The time you play will count down and the clock will tick. After the challenge starts, look up at the right corner to see what the love of this level is. Players need to collect a certain amount of gold to pass. The money you accumulate over time is enough to repair a dilapidated car. Your road will not be easy, and your car will break down faster. So get it serviced and serviced regularly so you don’t miss out on speed. What matters is your driving experience, use the on-screen shortcuts for smooth car control. Download Stunt Car Extreme mod and challenge your car with fun soundtrack and road king.

Download Stunt Car Extreme MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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