Street dog burst into tears after being rescued and given a cotton mattress

Manchas, a pitbull, is being brought into street fights by his previous owners. It was neglected to feed it and then it got skin cancer.

Only after he broke free of his shackles and found a family that would take him in and heal him did he realize that he had a chance at life.

When they put him in his first bed, he fell into a deep sleep and began to cry because the cold, hot and mosquito nights were over. After the angels save him, he licks them as a sign of gratitude.


In response, Abigail Castro told Bunk the story of Manchas, a long-suffering dog.

She took the dog to the vet, where it was diagnosed with skin cancer, starving to death, and infected wounds. She was shocked to see the dog’s dire condition when it came to her house on its own, with its wounds, disheveled coat and sad face.


One unnamed person suggested that she search for the dog’s owner on social media, where she discovered that Manchas belonged to several neighbors and had been used as a weapon in fights. illegal on the street. At that point, he took responsibility for him and adopted Manchas into his family despite his efforts to reach out to everyone.

His injuries left Manchas plagued by insects, and although he slept on the ground with a chain stuck in his skin and his wound swollen, no one cared about him. His new family not only gave him a home but also cured him of his skin diseases, fed him and played with him. He has nothing to complain about.

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A few days after she noticed stains on other dogs’ beds, the owner started collecting money. Though curious, she never approached. The pitbull’s size makes her buy him a bed that fits him, so she searches for the perfect bed. Although it was an ordinary gift, Abigail considered it the best gift he had ever received when Manchas went to bed with tears in his eyes. Tears streamed from his eyes as she looked at him. She didn’t know that Manchas was crying.

There is general agreement among scientists that animals are conscious creatures that experience varying degrees of emotion. Like us, our non-human friends also experience emotions. We will appreciate your pet’s emotional expression, do not hesitate to share with us in the comment box below.

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