Stranger Things’ Chrissy Actor Details Alleged Sexual Misconduct & Acting Break

Grace Van Dien, cho strange things Season 4 opens about a recent alleged sexual abuse incident that forced her to take a break from acting. Since 2005, Van Dien has appeared in several television series, although she has even starred in shows like Greenhouse Academy And villageThis is her as an innocent cheerleader and victim of Vecna ​​Chris strange things Over the past year, her popularity has skyrocketed.

In a recent Twitch stream by Van Dien, strange things The actor detailed the sexual harassment allegations she experienced on the set of a recent movie.

Van Dien did not name the project or the perpetrator, but said the filmmaker she is working on asked to play three people with her. She said the incident made her feel violated and unsafe, which made her more critical of her role. Van Dien revealed that she turned down four roles in just the past two and a half weeks. Read Van Dien’s full review type:

“The last movie I did, a producer had me… Like, he hired a girl to sleep with him, and he made her let me have a threesome with them. So.. It was my boss, and then I didn’t, and I cried, and I was so sad. But when people say, ‘What does streaming do for your mental health? ‘ That’s it. I can stay home and play video games, my boss won’t ask me to have sex with them.”

Grace Van Dien’s career beyond ‘Stranger Things’

That same year, Van Dien appeared in strange things, she also started streaming video games on Twitch under the name BlueFille. Van Dien amassed more than 200,000 followers within the first three months of opening his Twitch channel and has more than 290,000 followers to date. Despite this, Van Dien has appeared in at least two films since. strange thingsWith two more films in the works, she has begun to shift most of her career from acting to streaming.

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Although Van Dien switched from acting to focus on streaming, she said that streaming makes her happy and that she is working hard on her own film projects. Van Dien said she was “Hope someone decides to sponsor [my projects] Because then I can control my scene and I don’t ask actors to sleep with me.“Despite taking a break from acting, Van Dien emphasized that this is not the end of her acting career, she just wants to have more freedom and autonomy in acting choices.

Even though Chrissy is unlikely to participate strange things The record popularity of the fifth and fourth seasons made Van Dien an instant hit, which seems to be the opposite. While Van Dien’s streaming career and personal projects get more attention, she also receives more job offers, one of which has led to unfortunate incidents. However, Van Dien is happy to stream on Twitch and focus on her own projects, and I hope she strange things Fame will lead to future success.

Source: BlueFille/Twitch (via Variety)

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