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The new reality show on Fox, Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer is a “fresh” take with a new twist on the original Joe Millionaire dating series that took the world by storm in 2003. The 6 January 2022-release features two single men — Steven McBee and Kurt Sowers — one of whom is secretly a millionaire. And now is a time we tell you all about one of the two leading men of Joe Millionaire.

This ‘Steven McBee Bio’ below is all that you have been prying about Steven McBee.

Steven McBee On Joe Millionaire

Just like fellow “millionaire” Kurt Sowers, Steven was not at all familiar with how a reality TV show worked. They were also unaware of the previous seasons of Joe Millionaire.

“I thought everything was always fake. I can tell you from being there, experiencing it — the chemistry and the emotions that are seen onscreen are 100 percent real”, Steven told of his previous and recent beliefs about the genre.

So, why did Steven apply to be Joe on this show in the first place?

Looking to fall in love of course!

“I’m looking for someone that’s [in it] for richer or poor, for better or worse, there’s gonna be good times and bad. Money’s going to come and go in a lifetime, but that love has to be there perpetually. And so, I’m looking for someone that shares those same values, those same morals, [who] wants to build up a life together”, he said it all, never beating around the bush.

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From the look of it, Steven, who likes country music, is a romantic at heart and soul.

In the meantime, the 18 eligible women, contestants on the show, are told that either Steven or Kurt is wealthier than the other, but not which is which.

“What an incredible group of women we’ve got in front of us”, Steven took to his Instagram to take about the freshly dropped first episode for the season. At the same time, he also promised his audience that there is plenty more drama, fun, romance (and bromance) left to be had for the rest of the season.

Steven McBee Job: What Does He Do?

Steven is the president and founder of a farm and cattle company, McBee Farm & Cattle Company, located in Gallatin, Missouri.

“We started from one central theme that has stuck with us since the day we first started farming – a sincere love for the land, and the responsibility to future generations to leave the ground in better condition than we found it. These values have been instilled throughout our family ran the operation, starting at the top level and trickling down to all team members”, read an excerpt from a letter from Steven on his company’s website,

At this stage in life, Steven says he would not trade his job and way of living for anything.

How Much Is Steven McBee Net Worth?

Speaking of his net worth, which is suspense in itself on Joe Millionaire, Steven Mcbee might have either $10 million net worth or a lot lesser than that as per the reality show’s premise.

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Even so, we could still give you a basic hint on his salary as a farmer.

According to a ZipRecruiter estimation as of January 2022, the farmers in Missouri made an average of $52,490, every year.

Steven McBee Height

As per some sources, Steven McBee stands above 6 feet tall.

Steven McBee Family

Growing up in a loving household, Steven McBee has come to realize that he too has a strong set of values when it comes to relationships.

He looks like a family man even to his people on social media.

Steven is close to his family, particularly his mother and he spends a lot of time especially in nature with his family and friends. When he is not with his brothers or hanging out with pals, he is spending time with his mother. Last year in January, he took her on a “weekend getaway” to Nashville.

Steven’s parents are named Kristi Leigh (Bedsworth) and Steve McBee and two of his brothers are Cole McBee and Jesse McBee. But Steven has one more brother.

When wishing brother Jesse, aka little Brosky, on his birthday, Steven revealed that he is his co-pilot, world-traveling/hunting partner, and best friend.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Steven McBee?

Steven turned 28 years old in 2021.

  • When Is Steven McBee Birthday?

As a Saggitarius, Steven McBee grew up celebrating his birthday every year on the 30th of November.

  • Where Is Steven McBee From?

Steven is a small-town boy who comes from a place in Kansas City

  • Is Steven McBee On Instagram And Facebook?

Steven keeps a relatively low profile online, but the basics are still out on his Instagram @stevenmcbee and his eponymous Facebook account.

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Until 8 January 2022, he had 35 posts and 30.8K followers on Instagram and some 437 on Facebook.

(Of course) Steven also handled the business accounts for his farming operation and lifestyle brand on Instagram @mcbeefarms, on Facebook @mcbeefarms, and on YouTube as McBee Farm & Cattle Co.

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