Station 19: 10 Movies & TV Shows Where You’ve Seen The Cast

Popular series Station 19 Season 6 premieres on October 6, 2022, with the addition of three main cast members announced.Split into Grey’s Anatomy This is especially good for actors, whose talents are recognized by major networks and brings them legions of fans.

As expected, the audience wanted to check out the performers’ previous work, of which there were quite a few. Whether it’s Jaina Lee Ortiz in ” rosewood Or Barrett Doss working on superheroes iron fistthere’s a lot of interesting material starring the cast that fans will love to see.

Jay Hayden: Catch (2016-17)

Streaming on Hulu

capture is a comedy crime drama about a private detective who uncovers white-collar fraud but falls in love with the conman. Jay Hayden plays a member of the protagonist’s team, who is also involved in some secret romances on the team.

capture While the film didn’t have the longest tenure on screen, the cast received critical acclaim for their performances. Jay Hayden also landed what was arguably his most high-profile role at the time, launching the actor into the public eye on a major network.

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Okiriete Onadowan: Hamilton (2020)

Streaming on Disney+

Okieriete Onaodowan sings on stage in Hamilton

iconic hamilton Some of the most iconic Lin-Manuel Miranda songs on screen and stage were sung by Okirit Onadowan in his dual role as Hercules Mulligan and James Madison some songs. hamilton The play began as a popular play and was later released as a musical film.

Onadovan and the rest of the cast experienced a surge in popularity after the release hamilton In “Take Off,” Miranda plays Alexander Hamilton and tells the story of his life and eventual death. Station 19 Fans will be excited to see Onaodowan’s singing talents.

Danielle Safer: Monster 2 (2007)

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Danielle Savre holding a flashlight in

There are many scary monsters in horror movies, but this one is a real person from legend. The story follows a character played by Danielle Savre who is tortured by the titular villain. It backfires when the monster traps her in a mental health hospital.

Yokai 2 Watching Saffrey’s first starring role, the actress impressed viewers with her portrayal of a scream queen. Despite Savre’s engaging performance and carrying the horror genre on his shoulders, the film didn’t receive the best reviews.

Miguel Sandoval: Medium (2005-11)

Streaming on Paramount+

Miguel Sandoval in court with his colleagues

Moderate A unique take on the police procedural drama by adding supernatural elements. The show follows the protagonist, played by Patricia Arquette, as she works for District Attorney Manuel Devalos as they solve mysterious crimes.

Miguel Sandoval stars in ” Moderatebut the show gave the actor his longest role to date. Moderate Although Sandoval himself received a few nominations, being nominated for an Alma Award for Best Supporting Actor, it’s Arquette’s award-winning performance that’s mostly remembered.

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Barrett Doss: Iron Fist (2017-18)

Streaming on Disney+

Tekken's Barrett Doss shows something to her boss on her tablet

Before he appeared in the Marvel Universe, only comic book fans knew his facts iron fist. The character of Megan is not adapted from the comics, but is a recurring character in the TV series. Barrett Doss plays Megan, the protagonist’s personal assistant who witnesses all of his strange behavior.

iron fist Doss was cast in her first multi-episode role, as the actress had previously appeared in single-camera roles in several television shows.Megan is part of the whole iron fist This experience primarily involved his dual roles as Danny Rand and Iron Fist.

Boris Kodjoe: Brown Sugar (2002)

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Boris Kodjo dates a woman in 'Brown Sugar'

brown sugar is one of the romantic comedies that celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2022, and the movie is still very popular with audiences. The main story is about the characters Sid and Dre played by Sanaa Lathan and Taye Diggs, played by Boris Kodjoe Kelby appears as Sid’s love interest, making Dre realize that he’s in love with her too.

brown sugar This was only the second film to Kodjoe’s name, giving him the opportunity to play a role that had a major impact on the story. brown sugarKodjoe’s continued popularity among audiences made him widely known, and Station 19 Audiences will enjoy watching his performance within the context of a romantic comedy.

Mel Dandridge: Greenleaf (2016-20)

Streaming on Netflix

Mel Dandridge stands outside a mansion in Greenleaf

green leaves It tells the story of the eponymous family, leaders of the sprawling Memphis megachurch. Behind all the good intentions lies some secrets and deceit, and daughter Gigi Greenleaf, played by Merle Dandridge, is involved.

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Dandridge takes on leading role for the first time green leaves, which attempts to stump viewers with all the hidden facts about the titular family. Dandridge was praised for maintaining a grounded presence on screen and conveying the chaos of the Greenleaf family.

Gray Damon: Aquarius (2015-16)

Streaming on Netflix

Gray Damon sitting in the Aquarius chair

The background is set in the 1960s, aquarius When a seasoned veteran cop teams up with a young detective to investigate the case of a missing girl, their work eventually brings them into conflict with the Charles Manson family. Gray Damon plays inexperienced detective Brian Shafee.

aquarius was praised for taking a different approach to the Manson Family, as it was told through the perspective of the authorities. Damon shares screen space with David Duchovny, playing two characters with different personalities who somehow blend well together.

Jason George: Barbershop (2002)

Stream on DirecTV

Jason George talks to his girlfriend in barber shop

Jason George is known for playing good guy Ben Warren in the film Station 19but he objects to the type Barber Shop. George plays Kevin, employee Terri’s boyfriend, whose attitude is a total jerk, ultimately causing Terri to cling to her own self-worth.

Barber ShopThe main story is about the store’s employees and their daily lives, so viewers get to see George’s character piss everyone off with his stubborn antics until he eventually returns to his place. Barber ShopThe film’s success spawned a series of franchises and spin-offs, making George’s character stand out in retrospect.

Gianna Lee Ortiz: Rosewood (2015-17)

Streaming on Hulu

Jaina Lee Ortiz looking at picture frame in Rosewood

Jaina Lee Ortiz in her first starring role rosewood, in which she plays detective Annalize Vera. The show centers on Morris Chestnut, the titular pathologist, who teams up with Vera to solve a crime. The partnership and eventual romance between Rosewood and Villa became a major highlight of the show.

rosewood The series received a unique reception as the series itself was not well received by critics, but the chemistry between Chesnutt and Ortiz was considered a highlight. Ortiz impressed audiences as a woman coping with the loss of her husband and grappling with her feelings for Rosewood.

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