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Star Wars – a sci-fi series about the universe, always resonates with many lovers of space movies. Action scenes and space battles. Along with the lightsaber battles, he has become a legend in the eyes of the audience. The comics, games, and other bestsellers published after that were hugely loved by everyone. It is impossible not to mention Star Wars™: Kotor. Based on Star Wars Legendary War. Because there are already too many games based on this series. I will analyze it in more detail for you.

As the last hope of the Jedi generation, you are the only character on a mission to stop the war between the Galactic Empire and the evil Sith army. Otherwise, you will become the leader of the darkness, follow the temptation in front of you and destroy your own kind. This is the theme of Star Wars™: KOTOR. Anyway, who is an influential figure like you? How to perform assigned tasks? We’ll take a closer look at the gameplay part.


It can be said that Star Wars™: KOTOR is almost a versatile open world game. Because you can do many things in this game. Especially a doomed warrior like you. Mainly training troops to recruit more allies for your team. Use a variety of services or simply sit in a spaceship and fly around all the famous Star Wars landmarks. While you’re here, day-to-day activities can seem like a lot of bad things to you. Because all you want is adventure and exciting combat.

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You can also add quests from different bases and facilities. Most will fight alien creatures of strange colors and shapes. Together with your teammates, defeat a single enemy to complete the mission. Attractive gifts are always waiting for you. This could be the recipe for a great lightsaber. Or the generous wave of your hand every time you spend money.

Star Wars KOTOR mod apk

familiar place

Own various spaceships of the Galactic Empire. You will travel comfortably on a fantasy planet on the scale of the Star Wars universe. Flying to the Tatoonies, Wookiee Kashyyyk has become too popular for many fans of the manga. They have the same size and climate as the original. Along with the inhabitants of foreign lands. They can be friendly and chat with you. But also very aggressive at times, fighting whenever he feels threatened. Every time you fly over these planets, you must be very careful with all the dangers that await.

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Create your own squadron

Crew members of your team are chosen from among the most powerful and famous fighters in the main story. You’ll assemble a team and choose a custom role-based team. Like Twi’leks that come in a variety of skin tones, blue is the most common. Robots are an army of machines with various advanced technologies. Wookiees have hairy bodies and first-class combat prowess. From these races, you will have a diverse lineup of different strengths, talents and fighting abilities. Bringing to the battles the most tactical variety and fun.


travel around space

The universe is a vast place that can never be fully explored. In Star Wars™: KOTOR too, the giant ship Ebon Hawk can travel through time and space. We will use it to our favorites tomorrow. In this game you can explore up to 8 different universes. Accompanied by countless strange planets, inhabited by unknown races. Sounds interesting doesn’t it? But don’t be in a hurry to land on an alien planet. Maybe they don’t like having uninvited guests on their planet. Be careful now and enjoy your space travel.

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In Star Wars™: KOTOR there are many other interesting things that you will be hard to find. Long duration and many different worlds. It will take you a long time to complete 100% of the game. So calm down and enjoy them as if they were your own movie or storybook. You are a big fan of Star Wars and space travel. Definitely a must have Star Wars™: KOTOR mod in your play store. Let’s create a mighty empire and explore everywhere at will.

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