Spy x Family’s Anya Gives The Internet Her Most Memeable Face Ever

warning! Contains spoilers for Episode 69 of “Spy x Family”!one of them spy x familyThe best feature is the many iconic and impressive faces of Anya. In the latest chapter of the manga, Anya has a face that shines brighter than anything that came before, in terms of absurdity. This makes it a perfect candidate to be a meme.

spy x family is a manga by Tatsuya Endo about agent Loid, who creates a fake family consisting of assassin Yor and psychic Anya. While Loid was ostensibly the main character of the series, Anya quickly became the most popular character after her introduction, captivating fans with her hilarious antics. The part that fans love the most about her is her memorable facial expressions, many of which are shared as meme.this spy x family Anime enhances these faces and introduces them to a wider audience. But the latest chapter of the manga introduces a new face that goes beyond anything else in manga and anime.

In Chapter 69, Anya tries to map out her latest plan to get closer to Damian, which is crucial to her father’s quest. The plan involves him calling her an uggo so she can make the teacher realize that Damian is actually a real uggo, only for her to intervene and save him from being fired by announced that he is not an uggo, he is just a horrible person. .It’s a plan that only a child can come up with, but Anya is still a child spy x family, so she tries to encourage Damian to call her ugly by making a face that the comic describes as “call me Ugo.” Granted, the face doesn’t kick off her plans, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s downright hilarious.

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Anya’s new look is her funniest

Of course, the ridiculous reason she made this face is a huge part of why this face is so funny, but there’s so much more to it. Part of what makes Anya’s expressions hilarious is the way they transform her normally cute face into something completely different. So the grimaces she makes when she tries to look ugly are definitely funnier than her usual goofy expressions. Also, the art choices spy x family Hairstylist Endo drew inspiration when designing the face. Every detail, from her crossed eyes to her wrinkled nose and extremely sick bite, goes into making this goofy outfit fun and elevates this look to Anya’s best.

The face has yet to be memorized in large numbers, but considering how memorable and iconic it is, it’s only a matter of time. Especially considering that the anime could adapt it, ultimately making it more accessible to a wider audience. Anya will probably continue to go bare-faced, as long as spy x family introduced her, but it’s hard to get past this recently inspired expression.

spy x family Available to read from Viz Media.

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