Spider-Ham Has Officially Been Surpassed As Spider-Man’s Weirdest Variant

Warning: Spoilers for Spider-Man: Edge of the Universe #4 The craziest Spider-Man variant is no longer Spider-Man; In the latest Spider-Verse story, the cartoonish pig-like character has been replaced by a more mobile spider-hero. “Peter Parker Dekar” is the latest character to debut in Dan Slott’s new work Spider-Man: Edge of the Universe series, a storyline that brings together multiple Spider-Man variants to save the fabric of the universe itself. Edge of the Spider-Verse #4 When the Amazing Spider Car comes into play with what can only be described as car The cosmic equivalent of God: the walking sign.

The Spider-Verse debuted in 2014 and features many fan-favorite variations of Spider-Man, including Miles Morales, Gwen Stacy (also known as Ghost-Spider), Spider-Man “Xia 2099” and so on. The new series introduces Spider-Man UK (a British Spider-Man variant), Sun Spider (a superhero with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome), Spider-Tyrannosaurus (a dinosaur) and dozens of other characters. These issues are connected by Mrs. Webb, who attempts to recruit Spider-Man heroes to prevent the Spider-Verse from collapsing forever.

exist Edge of the Spider-Verse #4 Story “Drive You Crazy” Written by Dan Slott, illustrated by Ty Templeton, Peter Parkedcar lives in a world filled with sentient cars. J Jonah Jameson and even a car version of Peter’s Aunt May show up on the road, ready to greet “The Great Driver”: a glowing walking sign that demands oil in exchange for driving his followers “…along a real highway!” Peter Parker was immediately suspicious and quickly transformed into the Amazing Spider-Car. Eventually, the great driver is revealed to be Mr. Reo Speedbuggy, the Mysterio of this universe.

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Peter Parkedcar’s Spider-Man costume is not only part of the Funny Cars universe that worships its drivers like gods, but it also draws on a rather infamous Spider-Man history. The Spider-Car was created in response to Batman’s Batmobile – the editors wanted to give Peter a car so the company could sell more toys – but was quickly ridiculed not only by fans, but also by Peter himself laugh at. As a New Yorker, Peter has little need for a car, and his lack of driving experience causes the superhero to quickly drive his new vehicle into a river. Today, Spider-Man is nothing more than a joke to fans and Spider-Man.

Peter Parkedcar may have serious difficulties fighting alongside his bipedal Spider-Man variant. He can’t enter most buildings or grab items, but he’s certainly faster on land than his other opponents. Parker has appeared in earlier Spider-Man stories before (also piloted by Miles Morales), but this is the first time his detailed backstory has appeared in the comics. Spider-Ham is no longer the weirdest Spider-Man variant in the Spider-Verse, thanks to the wheeled Spider-Man, Peter Parkedcar, aka The Amazing Spider-Man.

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