SpiceJet wrongly names this big cat in its in-flight magazine. IFS officer fact-checks it

Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Parveen Kaswan has debunked misinformation about a member of the big cat family. The apparent error was published in SpiceJet’s in-flight magazine. The IFS officer often shares wildlife-related posts on X (formerly known as Twitter). He interacts with his followers asking them to identify animals and birds in photos, spot hidden wildlife and share valuable information about wildlife and their habitats.

Leopard identified as cheetah in SpiceJet magazine. (X/@ParveenKaswan)

“So Spice Flight magazine thinks it’s Cheetah. The fastest mammal on earth. What do you think?” Parveen Kaswan wrote while sharing a picture of the magazine on X.

In the photo, there is a picture of a big cat, which is labeled as a cheetah in the text on the right. The said information states: “The fastest mammals on land, cheetahs are usually found in central Iran, India and Africa. It is said that cheetahs can run at a speed of 114 km per hour.”

Kaswan, being a forest officer, was quick enough to point out this mistake. In the comments section of his post, he wrote: “It’s a leopard. Not a cheetah.”

Check out one of the pages from the magazine here:

The tweet was shared on September 19. Since then, over 77,500 people have viewed it. Many of them liked the tweet and shared their thoughts in the comments section.

Here’s how people reacted to this tweet shared by IFS officer Parveen Kaswan:

“They need a better magazine editor,” one individual posted.

Another added: “Haha, people do their jobs for the sake of their jobs.”

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“Leopard! The most cunning cat!” remarked a third.

A fourth commented: “This is what happens when people call an entire family of cats ‘sher’ and therefore can’t tell a leopard from a cheetah!”

“Haha! A leopard is published as a cheetah!” joined the fifth.

A sixth joined in, “It’s a leopard and it’s vulnerable.”

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