Sorceress Survivors MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Damage/Defense Multiplier) 1.8

Witch Survivor MOD APK Info

The vertical action of the Sorceress Survivors begins the war in the wizarding world. Where you live is a monster village in peacetime. Suddenly, one day, mutant monsters attacked here. Things get complicated and become very chaotic and difficult to control. He was obviously an apprentice mage, but he didn’t have much experience in fighting monsters. The mage you control is still the final task of the proficiency test. Although her skills are a bit clumsy, with just a few more rounds of practice, you can easily control her. Everything she does is to protect her neighbors.

The witch got lost in a place full of monsters. It is because of your appearance that the monsters approach you quickly. Your job now is to use the magic skills you’ve learned so far. Use precise movements, full or partial strength. Many times when monsters overwhelm, you also need to quickly launch moves to be able to destroy a large area. Just a second of inaction or insufficient defense can have you devoured by a wave of monsters. Surrounding you is a poisonous gas released by the genie, designed to knock you unconscious.

Download Sorceress Survivors mod – kill all monsters to complete the level test.

Players constantly move on the screen, looking for monsters that are lurking here. Just move your hand on the screen to move and touch the character to attack. Each of your touches will launch a fireball that shoots at enemies. If hit, it will create a small explosion. The black smoke caused by the impact of this blow immediately rose, then disappeared, turning into gold coins. A black horizontal bar appears at the top of the screen with numbers representing the game screen. Each time a monster is killed, the bar gradually turns yellow. When the whole turns yellow it means go to the next level.

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witch survival apk free

skill system

As a mage, your girl can use many different types of magic. However, as an apprentice mage, your skills and treasures are still not high. Collect gradually to enrich your skill system. Start with the ability to launch orbs surrounded by blazing flames. Or a soccer rain that affects a swarm of monsters. The potion is green in color, has a calming effect and hypnotizes the monster. This skill takes the form of a clock that stops time. From there, you can mine and kill more monsters. Or black armor to block the monster’s impact.

witch survival apk

defeat the owner

Once you have accumulated some experience, you can enter special levels. You may have to deal with powerful monster bosses. They arrived with a small army of monsters under the fence. This leaves you overwhelmed, as you have to eliminate scum and fight bosses. These monsters have skills that greatly affect your strength. You also have to build a lot of luck to win them. Possibly a falcon with a purple neck leading a flock of ferocious chicks with a flock of monster chicks. Or a brown mutant wolf that moves on two legs, followed by a pack of venomous vipers.

witch survival mod apk

role upgrade

The Sorceress Survivors’ stat upgrade system is built as a chain. When entering the attribute upgrade area, the player may encounter a gray form. Above are squares with symbols equivalent to individual stats. They are connected by fuzzy lines. Depending on your upgrade choice, this link will light up yellow. For example, the speed indicator is represented by the running foot. The attack attribute has the shape of a fist surrounded by a circle of power. Extended time indicator with clock icon. Healing with a heart grows two muscular arms.

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Survival witch mod

In addition, players coming to Witch Survivor also receive different types of weapons. If you are a mage, players will think that they usually use wands. But this game is different, you also get more powerful weapons. Glow swords, sharp axes, sickles, hammers… Collect them through the wooden gift boxes that appear during the adventure. Download the Sorceress Survivors mod and become an apprentice mage and slay monsters to earn tickets.

Download Sorceress Survivors MOD APK for Android (Menu, God Mode/Damage/Defense Multiplier)

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