Skyrim Player Maxes Out Every Skill in the Game After 600 Hours

one The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim After 600 hours of gameplay, players have maximized every skill in the game. horizon is the most popular game The Elder Scrolls series, has sold over 30 million copies since its release in 2011.This fantasy RPG remains popular a decade after its release – the sheer scale of the game world and the nearly endless number of quests, coupled with horizon Player-created mods are enough to keep players interested.

There are 18 different skills in total horizon Every aspect of the game is covered, including two different armor types, one- and two-handed weapons, and even things like lockpicking and weapon forging. Each skill has a unique set of benefits associated with it, allowing players to unlock perks such as extra damage and more powerful spells as they level up. The initial maximum level of the skill is level 100, at which point the skill is extremely powerful.Players can make their characters more powerful in the following ways: horizonThe Legendary Skill option, which reduces the skill to 15 and allows the skill to continue to level up and count towards the player’s overall character level.

Reddit user i-am-not-fish shared their incredible experience horizon This week’s achievements showcase a complete list of extreme skills that took them 600 hours to complete. Some skills have even become legendary and have been upgraded to over 100. The highest is the change skill, which has reached level 142. These skills aren’t the only impressive achievements in the video – it also reveals the user’s character has reached an impressive level 252 and has over 1,000 health and mana points each. Between fully maxed out skills and powerful stats, this player has created an incredibly powerful character.

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No wonder this feat took 600 hours to complete, and not just because horizonof huge size. To fully utilize all 18 skills, players will need to drastically change their play style multiple times.This means players have to concentrate horizonArchery combat relies on stealth as do multiple styles of versus combat, then again shifts their focus away from weapon-centric combat to several different schools of magic. It’s certainly an achievement to be proud of – mastering so many different ways to play is the mark of a truly skilled player.

this is a proof sky’The game is extremely replayable, and even if a player has spent 600 hours in the game, there may still be something to discover. Players can try the same feat again as a character of a different race and see how that affects gameplay, or try making different story choices along the way to see how they affect the game world.Although many fans The Elder Scrolls series growing impatient for release The Elder Scrolls 6impressive in-game achievements like this are a good reminder that fans still have a lot more to gain from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim More than 10 years later.

Source: I am not a fish/Reddit

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