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Valentine’s surprises are the best. Not for everyone, but some still make a lasting memory of this special day. Singer Phem was definitely one of the happiest he will ever remember on February 14, 2023, as that was the day Tyler Posey proposed to her.

This singer Phem Wiki explores more than just her life.

Meet singer Phem, Tyler Posey’s girlfriend-turned-fiancée

Singer Phem and Tyler Posey began dating in 2020 after the former was asked by music producer John Feldmann to write music with the actor. “We bonded by singing about our exes,” Tyler recalled.

However, Phem wasn’t looking for romance then. “I got into this purely for business…I swear,” she said. But Tyler’s charm was irresistible. The singer fell in love with him very quickly.

After dating for two years, the duo got engaged on Valentine’s Day 2023 in Cambria, California, Phem’s favorite hangout. The two were taking a romantic walk on the beach when Tyler popped the question wearing a green ring. “I should have known when he put his phone on the rock to record that something was going on … but I had no idea,” Phem said.

The couple were scheduled to exchange vows in October 2023. Although they didn’t disclose the location, “we’re going to keep it close to home and we’re getting married in a very special place that means a lot to us,” Tyler said. Additionally, the Teen Wolf star said it will be a “pretty intimate wedding” but that the reception will be a dance party that everyone can join.

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“Tyler and I are very spiritually open people, so it means a lot to us to be able to have a service in such a peaceful place,” Phem added.

Now that the two are engaged, Tyler feels “deeper, more secure and grounded.”

Similarly, Phem said his fiancée got “10 times sexier in one go.” But aside from her humor, she appreciates him as a person who understands her on a soul level. “From the very jump my fag confirmed to me even though I am with him now, and that was very important to me. He strives to be a better person every day and I am so proud of his composure and dedication to his personal development. ”, she shared.

In fact, it was Phem who helped the actor explore his sexuality. She helped me realize that I fit under the queer umbrella and that I’m sexually fluid,” she explained.

Trivia: Phem was with men and women. Therefore, the pronouns de ella (she/her and they/them) are interchangeable.

Singer Phem Net Worth

Singer Phem has earned a net worth of over $500k by 2023.

Indie music artist Phem rose to fame with jagged pop traits and singles in a more electronica-focused world, then built a discography through collaborators who would enlist her to balance the weight of smashing synths and fat 808s. . After that, she traded roles with mostly Los Angeles-based dance music producers for musicians like G-Eazy and Machine Gun Kelly, who more accurately reflected her changing tastes.

Now, Phem travels the world and lives his dream. Most recently, in April 2023, she and her band played several shows for Avril Lavigne’s Love Sux tour.

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Some of her most popular songs are Not Without My Ghosts, Sorry Mama, Flowers, Watery, Silly Putty, Dead Yet, Shut UP, and Girls. She finds more of them on her Youtube @phem4evr149.

Fun fact: Phem grew up playing the drums and listening to Flying Lotus, who later became his friend and mentor.

Singer Phem Age

Singer Phem was 33 years old in 2023.

She is two years older than her fiancé Tyler.

What is the real name of the singer Phem?

Singer Phem’s real name is Olivia (Liv) Marsico.

She chose her pen name “Phem” because it is “cool and cute” and also because it represents the fact that she has always been a “woman” in her relationships with women.

The family of the singer Phem

Singer Phem has her family to thank for the gift of music. “My parents are musicians, so I was lucky to be born into a home where music was a constant presence,” she said.

His father, Frank Marsic, was one of the best jazz percussionists in Los Angeles. He was a member of The Martini Kings and Baja Marimba Mania. In addition to drums, he played marimba, keyboards, and harmonica.

Frank turned 71 on May 26, 2022.

As for Phem’s mom, Marie Marsico @marie.marsico is a classical pianist. She was the first to ask Phem to start playing the piano.

Marie turned 72 in April 2023.

Aside from them, Phem’s 3-year-older brother, Miles Marsico, is also involved in music. But he is more of an actor. You may have seen him as “Jason” in Jason and the Heroes of Olympus (2002) or heard his voice in Lloyd in Space (2001-2004).

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Did you know: Phem’s mother was not supportive of his sexuality. She cried for a year saying, “No, it’s not you, you have to think about this…” Now, Phem writes about her relationship with her parents in her music.

Singer Phem Height

Singer Phem is approximately 5 feet 1 inches tall.

Related FAQ

  • When is singer Phem’s birthday?

Phem receives birthday cards on June 1.

  • Where is singer Phem from?

Phem is a native of Los Angeles, CA. He lived there in 2023.

  • Is the singer Phem on Facebook and TikTok?

Find her on Facebook @phem4evr and TikTok @phem.

Also, here is his Twitter @phem4evr and Instagram @phem.

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