Sims 4 High School Years Expansion Pack Includes Custom Depop Clothing

recently published High school expands to this The Sims 4 Will include custom clothing from community-driven fashion marketplace Depop. The social e-commerce site aims to reduce fashion waste by giving a new generation a place to buy and sell products from big brands and independent designers.this The Sims 4 High School Period An expansion pack will be available in July featuring unique apparel designed by top Depop sellers.

Upcoming The Sims 4 High School The DLC will introduce a new town called Copperdale with trendy landmarks and a high school called Copperdale High. Teen Sims will be able to enroll in schools and participate in age-appropriate activities such as attending classes, taking tests, playing soccer, and going on dates.this The Sims 4 The expansion will apparently revolve around young love, which should make High school Fun role-playing experience. The small town of Copperdale will be full of famous spots to explore, including a teenage dating spot called Plumbite Pier.this High school The expansion will be released on July 28th and will also bring a gorgeous new wardrobe.

Post from Twitter the sims revealed High school expands to The Sims 4 New clothing from Depop designers Bella, Jeremy, Selena, Lapoze and Sha’an will be on display. A The Sims 4 The blog post revealed that the new cosmetics will be sold at Thriftea, a Copperdale thrift store and boba hangout. Sims will be able to increase the value of outfits by promoting them before they are sold on the new in-game Trendi app. The article also includes interviews with five Depop sellers, revealing their clothing design philosophies. Thanks to these new outfits, The Sims 4 The High School Expansion captures the authentic teenage experience.

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although High ‘School Years’ will let players become digital teens, recently The Sims 4 werewolf The game pack turns them into terrifying werewolves. This pack introduces Moonwood Mill, an atmospheric town filled with werewolf legends and moonlit fields. This expansion pack allows players to create a werewolf character and join a pack of werewolves in a campaign against canines.this The Sims 4 Werewolves This pack is the perfect companion to the game’s previously released vampire-themed pack, bringing these two classic monsters into conflict in dramatic fashion.

The Sims 4 High School Years Expansion Pack promises an authentic teenage experience, complete with modern clothing styles and stylish cosmetics. Renowned Depop designers and sellers will be turning their clothing straight into the game, helping to make Copperdale a truly colorful and stylish town.Players will be able to try out these new Depop costumes The Sims 4 High School The expansion will arrive on July 28th.

The Sims 4 is available to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

source: The Sims/TwitterThe Sims 4

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