Shameless girl “steals” sweets from children’s party in a viral video

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In the middle of a children’s party, a woman was filmed with an attitude that pleased many and upset others. What happened? Well, the video captures the moment when he takes a large amount of candy and puts it in his pocket, causing many children to eat all the candy.

He viral video he shared Andrea Carrasco (@andycandys5) IN TikTokand takes place in matinee held in Mexicowhere we see a woman in a red sweater who appears to be holding a child.

A moment later, we realize that his right hand has a bag (of which he carries a small one), while he drinks candy, candy sip by mouth with his left hand. He doesn’t seem to feel empathy for the other guests, like he’s trying to get the biggest spoils for you at everyone else’s expense.

Watch the viral video here


♬ We’re painting the whole house – Remix – Dj Roderick

He came back to get more candy

The bag looks heavy, full of candy, and the moment comes alive thanks to the familiar sound Bob’s sponge “We painted the whole house”, but in the remix, that’s what he deserves Collected more than 2.3 million views.

But as the video went viral, many people clamored for part two and Andrea he delights his audience when we see the same woman, again at the table, continue to eat more: “season two, he’s back for more sweets”.

“Do you want a bigger bag?”

Immediately, the vast majority of comments harshly criticized selfish woman: “I clean the candy table at my party, give ‘receipts’ to each guest, I also make up stories, people say ‘excessive’ but people don’t cooperate”, “I pickpocket anyone”. and please leave the event”, “you will say over the microphone: ‘Ma’am, do you want a bigger bag?'”, “Now I understand why my husband doesn’t want to put the candy on the table of my daughter’s fifteenth birthday, he said the people were ‘fit’ and that they were right”.

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