Shah Rukh Khan reacts to Google’s interactive feature for Jawan

Jawan has ruled the box office ever since its release and Google did something amazing to celebrate the film’s success. The company launched an interactive feature on its search engine. Since its release, this film has impressed many, including the actor himself. Shah Rukh Khan took to X to share his reaction to Google’s tribute to his latest film.

The image shows a scene from SRK’s Jawan and Google’s tribute to the film. (X/@GoogleIndia)

What is the interactive feature associated with Jawana?

When you type “Jawan” on Google, a small red walkie-talkie greets you at the end of the page. Once you press the icon – with the sounds on – something wonderful happens. As you keep clicking, twists appear all over the screen with Shah Rukh Khan’s voice playing in the background at intervals.

“Ready? Because Jawan ko #DhoondengeTohMilega!” Google wrote on X. They also shared a video showing an interesting feature along with scenes from the movie Jawan where SRK’s character is seen putting bandages on his face.

How did SRK react?

The Jawan actor took to X to reshare Google’s post about the interactive feature along with a witty caption. “Jawan ko Google par bhi dhoondh lo aur theaters mein bhi! [Search Jawan on Google and in theatres too] It’s so fun to see the bandages, when I don’t have to tie them to my face!!!” wrote the actor.

Check out the post shared by SRK:

The post was shared just over an hour ago. Since it was released, it has garnered more than 3.7 million views, and the numbers are only growing. Additionally, the share garnered nearly 16,000 likes. People posted different comments while reacting to SRK’s post.

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“When you type Jawan in Google and in Belgium,” user X posted. “That Doodle is too cool. I like the animation,” joined another. “Woof. This is so cool,” added a third. “This sure is fun,” wrote a fourth. Many reacted to the post using fire emoticons.

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