Shaeeda Shows 90 Day Fiancé Fans How She Looks Without Hijab

by Shaeeda Sween fiance 90 days Finally, she took off her hijab on Instagram, much to the surprise and delight of her fans. Shaeeda, a 37-year-old yoga expert, hails from Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. fiance 90 days In Season 9, Shaeeda moves to the United States to marry Bilal Hazziez from Kansas City. Shaeeda met Bilal on Facebook and although her name uncanny resembles his second wife Shahida, Bilal started talking to Shaeeda and met her in her hometown within 7 days and got engaged. On TLC, Shaeeda became an instant fan favorite while Bilal became the villain.

Bilal tries to outwit Shaeeda by playing a prank on Shaeeda’s first day in America to see if she’s going after his net worth. Fans sympathized with Shaeeda as Bilal emphasized her further by including her in the preview. In the end, Shaeeda proves she’s not someone Bilal can mess with, as she makes a condition that the two will have children before she turns 40, as long as she’s biologically capable. To do that. Shaeeda also wants Bilal to help her start her own business in America. fiance 90 days Star Bilal and Shaeeda had a fairytale wedding, and the couple is currently 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 7.

Shaeeda’s popularity has earned her thousands of followers on Instagram. These followers often ask Shaeeda questions to get to know her better. Some people want to see Shaeeda without makeup, while others want to see Shaeeda with her hair. She posted a video while saying that fans asked how she looked without the hijab. “So today I decided to show you what I look like without a hijab. “ Shaeeda talked about fans commenting and texting her about it. “Are you ready?‘ she asked the camera before removing her orange headscarf with a smile.

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However, Shaeeda played a prank on her. fiance 90 days Since then, fans have been showing her a bald head instead of revealing her hair under a “hijab”. Shaeeda is using a bald filter to fool all her curious followers. The Qur’an instructs Muslim women and men to dress appropriately, and for some Muslim women and girls to wear a headscarf to maintain modesty and privacy from the influence of men. irrelevant. As a result, Shaeeda, a Muslim woman, has never appeared on camera without a hijab, as she did wear it during filming, although she sometimes takes it off at home. . “No more questions about how you look without a hijab,“Saida explained. Besides, fiance 90 days The star pointed out that her Reel is no joke about baldness. “Just kidding if I had a curl filter, a locs filter to show I got you! Do you think it’s true?‘ Shaeeda continued.

Fans love Shaeeda’s sense of humor and agree that Shaeeda is beautiful in every way. Viewers were first interested in Shaeeda’s hair at fiance 90 days In season 9, Bilal is annoyed by her hairpins everywhere, which Shaeeda uses to wear her hijab. In typical Bilal style, he berated Shaeeda for sticking pins in his expensive sofa. To this, Shaeeda replied: “This is what we do, we put pins on the carpet,” When fiance 90 days Fans discovered that Shaeeda sometimes puts pins where she wears her hijab, but then forgets to put them back on.

Source: Shaeeda Sween/Instagram

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