Sexy Airlines MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money, messenger, unlocked)

APK information of Sexy Airline MOD

  1. mod menu
  2. Unlimited Money (read description)
  3. Unlimited Messenger
  4. World map unlocked (always active)
  5. Unlock all skins (always active)

Note: pre-mod may not work properly, so please close the mod if you have problems.

Sexy Airlines offers the best flights to please anyone. That’s what you get when you join this extremely classic game. Own a famous airline with nonstop flights. An experienced young hostess with great looks. No matter what guests can complain to you. One tycoon rules all the top airlines in the world.

Idle games are always popular and chosen by many people for entertainment after every working hour. From eye-catching graphics to simple yet effective mechanics, Sexy Airlines will have it all and do better than these games. Give players the feeling that they are in control of everything in reality. Find joy in interacting with whatever you like. If not, we’ll start digging deeper into what’s to come.

Download Sexy Airlines mod – includes the best airlines in the world

To prove your talent, you will play the manager of a large airline. What we need to do now is make it better. Improve the quality of existing services and provide customers with the best service. That would include aircraft upgrades and flight attendant training. Not only that, you also need to deal with problems that may arise during operation. When everything goes well, profits will begin to gradually increase. Use it wisely for maximum benefit. You will be rich and have everything you want. Even fall in love with the most beautiful women.

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sexy airline mod free

beautiful hostess

Your organization has similar goals to accomplish. For airlines, the most important thing is their flight attendants. The more experienced the flight attendant, the easier it is to satisfy customers. Their experience will be reflected in the level achieved. You will use the money you earn to train them to be better. There are many beautiful housewives in the US, UK, Thailand, France and other countries, each with their own strengths and international standard service style. They are recruited into key positions on every flight. Make it the paradise everyone wants to go to.

sexy airline mod apk

talk to the flight attendant

To best control your work, you need to talk to the flight attendant. Start essential conversations with basic questions. If you have a favorite hostess? Use this channel to tease those girls. They will gladly receive you with the utmost sincerity. Build good relationships through romantic activities. Go out to dinner, hang out or go on a couple trip. These are the women you manage, and you will do anything to earn your love. Love is easy to create if needed.

Free sexy airline mod apk

control plane

If you want to do the job, you can be a captain. The control mechanism is simple and straightforward, just like interacting with an airplane. The tilt can be adjusted left or right to see people’s reactions. You will see how cute the flight attendants are at work. Can tease customers and make them panic in short time. Of course, everything is under control and you can do whatever you want. Decreasing or increasing altitude also affects people. Airplanes also serve a variety of functions. Learn more to use it today.

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sexy airline mod android

destination unlock

The longer you play, the more chances you have to unlock new destinations around the globe. Everywhere there are hot hostesses to recruit. Paris, London, Seoul, Shanghai or Tokyo are all potential destinations. The number of customers per location will help you increase your income. Create a new fashion in the aviation industry with a variety of new services. The secret to success will be discovered and mastered by you. No matter what country the customer is in, their wants and needs are met. Let anyone in the world know their airline is famous.

Coming to Sexy Airline’s mod is your chance to own a huge fortune. Together with the beautiful flight attendants, create a quality trip for everyone.

Download Sexy Airline MOD APK for Android (Menu, Unlimited Money, Messenger, Unlocked)

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