Secret Invasion Can Set Up Rhodey’s Best MCU Future (Not As A Superhero)

magic is coming secret invasion The Disney+ franchise has a unique opportunity to build the perfect future for James Rhodes (Don Cheadle) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Premiering this spring, the exciting series will mark the debut of Roddy The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Almost two years ago. lead to armored warRhodey’s long-awaited and highly anticipated solo film, secret invasion Might include some hints about the character’s trajectory in the MCU. However, after such a long time with the Avengers, it may be time for Rhodes to leave Gears of War and move forward with a different side of his career.

secret invasion is a critically important MCU series based on the 2008 comic book event of the same name by Brian Michael Bendis. In the series, Nick Fury and his friends will uncover the Skrulls’ secret invasion of Earth, which has been going on under the noses of humanity for decades. As a result, more MCU characters will be revealed as Skrull impostors, changing the franchise’s political landscape forever. Rhodes has been confirmed as one of the key MCU characters to return in the series, but his true abilities have yet to be revealed. However, the original footage secret invasion hint at his role in it.

Rhodey’s best MCU future is a VP, not a superhero

secret invasion War Machine’s original MCU intent can be restored by making him Vice President of the United States. When first introduced, Roddy was Tony Stark’s Air Force liaison in his superhero efforts, acting on behalf of his government to make sure Iron Man didn’t go too far. However, this part of Roddy’s arc has been toned down over the years, with his Air Force background rarely playing a role in the later stages of the MCU. First trailer secret invasion Hinting that this could eventually change, there are some key details that suggest he could have been Vice President in the series.

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Gears of War secret invasion The return hints at an open future for the character in the Multiverse Saga, and being Vice President will certainly fulfill that request. Rhodey has become the Vice President of Comics, fueling rumors that the MCU may be preparing a plot adaptation. secret invasion It was expected to introduce Ritson, the president of Dermot Mulroney, hinting at the political aspects of the series. Additionally, the ad shows Roddy wearing the typical American flag on his lapel and surrounded by several armed guards, suggesting he has a prominent role in the government during the events of the upcoming series. .

After replacing Terrence Howard in Gears of War in 2010, Don Cheadle quickly became one of the MCU’s most prolific actors. In fact, after secret invasion And armored war, Cheadle will appear in 11 MCU projects, suggesting his time as a prominent player in the franchise may be coming to an end. So, Rhodey may no longer be suitable for the role of Gears, but that doesn’t mean he won’t continue to appear in the MCU. Rhodey’s leadership role in government office will allow Cheadle to continue appearing on future projects without having to sign a major new deal with Marvel.

Rhodey almost became VP in the early days of the MCU

Don Cheadle as a war machine

In spite of Avengers: Game over Seeing Roddy continue to serve the government, the film almost includes one of the more interesting side-scrolls, involving his appointment as Vice President of the United States. After the film was released in 2019, screenwriter Christopher Markus revealed in an interview that the initial draft of the script made Roddy the Vice President for a period of five years. This aligns with the storylines of the other surviving Avengers in Blip, many of whom have moved on and started new lives after their defeat. Infinity WarHowever, the end of the film barely mentions Roddy’s story in the time jump.

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Marvel cut some interesting scenes from Endgame It’s still early in the film’s development, but a Rhodey VP spinoff could still appear in the future of the MCU. Marcus reveals that that development is not at all “The weight of the story” in context EndgameTherefore, the plot was cut. However, Rhodey’s burgeoning political career remains a storyline that the MCU may choose to revisit in the coming years, especially with his own movie coming out. secret invasion A chance to salvage this scrap Endgame plot and set the stage for Roddy’s political career armored war And any other future MCU projects featuring this character.

The Avengers desperately need a political connection

Sokovia conforms to all known rules from the MCU's Captain America: Civil War

The Avengers will benefit greatly from political representation. she is heavy After it was revealed that the Sokovia Accords had been abrogated, the public image of the Avengers was repeatedly questioned, far beyond the weak efforts of the United Nations to rein in Superman’s activities. Unfortunately, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have earned a reputation for putting the world in danger as much as they save it, and they’ve always found themselves a public relations nightmare, far from being captured by the international community. libel. Their reputation for disobeying orders and doing their own thing makes them dangerous, and as a result, countless townspeople have greatly reduced their faith in a gunfight over many years. their battle.

Rhodey’s appointment as VP could be of great help in repairing the Avengers’ damaged reputation. Even though Roddy himself almost got sent to a military court Infinity War In helping Captain America’s Avengers, he certainly has a reputation for following orders much better than his superpowered allies. Rhodey can help legitimize the group further and help find a compromise that works for all involved. The Avengers will be more likely to heed the advice of older members, and the government will be more inclined to make the necessary concessions on behalf of the Vice President, marking a major shift in the Avengers’ relationship with the Avengers. government.

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Becoming VP will affect Rhodey’s backstory in Armored Warfare

MCU Armor War James Roddy Rhodes

Being Vice President will no doubt influence the plot in Roddy’s upcoming Phase 6 solo film, armored war. In reality, secret invasion can connect with armored war Show what this means for Roddy’s future by introducing him to his new position. armored war Roddy was supposed to clean up the legacy of the late Tony Stark by battling the villains who had obtained his advanced technology and used it for their own purposes. As Vice President, Rhodey will have unprecedented access to government records on these individuals, allowing him to find and arrest anyone who embezzles Stark’s inventions. However, it may not be just super-criminals seeking to obtain Stark’s technology.

Even the US government itself has dabbled in making its own Iron Man armor. Iron Man 2 It is revealed that the military has been trying to copy Stark’s design, although in Tony’s words, it is about “Ten years later” from success. Now, more than a decade after that, the military may be about to make more Iron Man suits in the US armored war. Politically, this would put Rowdy in jeopardy to protect Tony’s legacy. Rhodey definitely has a big future ahead of him secret invasion And armored warand his new role of vice president will challenge it like never before.

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