Search and Find: People with eagle eyes can spot a dolphin in a rose in 4 seconds. Can you?

Search and find puzzles are one of the most popular forms of puzzles that require the reader to find a hidden object in a picture.

Solving search and find puzzles is a great way to improve brain health. Readers need to engage their brains and eyes to find the hidden object in the picture.

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Those with good concentration and great attention to detail will find it easier to solve such challenging puzzles.

Research shows that solving puzzles has a beneficial effect on the brain. It also provides protection against cognitive decline in old age.

Are you very attentive?

Try this challenge and find out now!

Search and find puzzle: Find the dolphin in 4 seconds

Source: Pinterest

In the picture shared above, a beautiful red rose can be seen.

It looks beautiful, doesn’t it?

But a rose is not what you should be looking for.

There is a dolphin in the picture, and you have to find it in 4 seconds.

Individuals with great attention to detail will be able to quickly spot a dolphin.

Your time starts now.

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Focus your eyes on the picture and see if you can spot the dolphin.

This will be a good test of your powers of observation.

Did you find the hidden dolphin?

Harry up; time is running out.

Check the picture carefully.

The dolphin has camouflaged itself so well with its surroundings that it cannot be detected at first glance.

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Time is up.

Some of our attentive readers may have already spotted a dolphin.

If you are one of them, then you have excellent powers of observation.

Those who were unable to find the dolphin can check the solution below.

Find a dolphin in 4 seconds: the solution

A dolphin can be seen in the center of the picture.


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