Scream 6 Star Teases Whose Side Kirby Is Really On

Scream 6 star Melissa Barrera has revealed whose side Kirby is really on in the upcoming sequel, revealing some doubts surrounding her character.

scream 6 Star Melissa Barrera teases Hayden Panettiere’s Kirby on which side. Continuing the events of 2022 screamThe sequel follows survivors’ attempts to leave Woodsboro and a series of recent murders, but despite arriving in New York City, becomes the target of another Ghostface killer. After Kirby Reed was confirmed alive, the man from scream 4 will bring her back to the franchise, though details on her role are limited.

Kirby’s theories of participation and underlying motivation scream 6 It has been going around for a while suggesting that she might be the last girl, or even Ghostface. in a recent interview tonight’s receptionBarrera, who plays Sam Carpenter, joked that there was some skepticism surrounding Kirby, but added that audiences will enjoy her story. Read Barrera’s review of Kirby scream 6 as follows:

She started playing this game, “It’s her, isn’t it?” Like, “Is she on their side or not?” There are all moments of doubt. I think fans will enjoy that part of her journey.

Kirby’s Scream Returns 6 Explained

Scream 6 Hayden Panettiere Trailer

Kirby is a friend of Jill Roberts (Emma Roberts) and a huge fan of horror movies. scream 4After receiving a call from Ghostface, she believes Charlie Walker (Rory Culkin) is in danger of being killed, and it turns out she’s capable of answering most questions. Thinking she won the game, she ends up getting stabbed by Charlie and lying on the ground. Kirby’s fate revealed in 2022 screamWhen Richie Kirsch (Jack Quaid) is watching YouTube, a video of her interview can be hidden on the screen.

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Panettiere on Kirby’s return scream 6 and where is the character, teasing her survival scream 4 has led to her current life path, though making sure she stays the same”slyViewers fell in love with the first attitude. The new installment shows that Kirby is apparently helping Sam, Gail Weathers (Courtney Cox) and others investigate Ghostface, and there are reports that she may be in the FBI. Like most returners, she survived an attack by a killer and her experience could be useful in the future.

Which side Kirby is on might decide how she ends up in this movie, but scream The franchise might want to see her story continue. While there’s been some speculation that Panettiere’s character could be Ghostface, it’s also possible that she’s one of the last few alive, especially after the passing of Neve Campbell’s Sidney Prescott. Those looking forward to Kirby’s return and learning more about her character are sure to catch up scream 6 When it hits theaters on March 10.

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