Sassy Siberian Husky stomps his paws to show he is angry

Siberian Huskies are energetic dogs with an undeniable dramatic side. They have loud natures and expressive faces that often leave pet parents confused. A cute dog named Oakley is a member of the same breed, and a video of him being cheeky made people laugh.

The picture shows a very cheeky Siberian husky. (Instagram/@westcoastoakley)

“Sounds like someone’s feeling sassy,” reads the description posted alongside the video. The clip opens to show a dog screaming outside the room. Then he enters the room where the video is being shot. At first he looks towards the camera and taps his paws. Then he proceeds to howl loudly as if expressing his displeasure about something.

The video was published a day ago. Since it was shared, the clip has garnered close to 2.2 million views. It also collected several likes and comments.

“She’s staring down as he struts by her,” the Instagram user posted. “So cheeky,” added another with a laughing-out-loud emoji. “I love this dog. This is hysterical,” joined a third. “I love how sassy huskies are,” wrote a fourth. Many reacted to the video with emoticons.

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