Saruman’s Lord of the Rings Movie Death Explained (& Why It Was Cut)

If Saruman’s story feels incomplete in Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings trilogy, that’s because the evil witch’s last act controversially switched from the return of the King. In the original by JRR Tolkien this Lord of the Rings In both the trilogy and the film adaptation, Sauron is the main antagonist, but for at least the first two-thirds of the story, Saruman is a direct threat to the Crusades. Christopher Lee memorably portrayed this version of the character on the big screen, skimming near the end two towers, were defeated at Helm’s Deep and trapped in the Orthanc Tower by Ant-Man interference, and their great branch abandoned in Isengard, birthplace of the Uruk Sea. While Christopher Lee is a notorious source material and is often said to swing around Tolkien’s books on set, Saruman’s ending is one of the biggest changes Peter Jackson has made. Furthermore, Jackson’s changes to Saruman’s ending did not appear in the theatrical release, making him appear to be absent. Return of the king. I

In the original story, Saruman escaped from the Tower of Orthanc by negotiating with Ant-Man, while the weakened witch made her way to the Shire, taking control of the area in Frodo’s absence. When the top four hobbits return home after destroying the ring, they find the Shire completely under Saruman’s rule and are forced to banish him in the chapter “Sweeping the Shire”. After losing the battle, Saruman was killed by his own companion, the oppressed Whisperer. The Sack of the Shire will never be made into a movie Lord of the Rings Because it is more or less the end of the main story, Christopher Lee’s Saruman needs a new ending. Peter Jackson filmed a scene in which Gandalf, Aragorn, and Rohan’s army confront Saruman at Othank – however, mostly Lord of the Rings Deleted scenes are not included in the theatrical release. The villain’s arc is condensed from the books, with Saruman’s crimes recounted at length and Gandalf attempting to turn his former colleague into an informant, albeit in vain. The fallen sorcerer refuses to come down from the top of his tower, so Theoden turns to Wormtongue for help, which unexpectedly leads the servant to betray his master. Stabbed in the back, Saruman fell from Orthanc, landing horribly on the spikes below.

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Why Saruman’s Death Doesn’t Appear in the TV Movie LOTR

Peter Jackson chose to remove this scene from the theatrical release the return of the King It is done very late, and is replaced by a short dialogue showing that Saruman’s threat has subsided. Jackson cut Saruman’s death for two reasons: first, to cut a movie that was testing how long a person could sit comfortably in a movie theater, and second, because of the storyline. Jackson stated in a 2003 interview that the scene was originally intended to end two towersbut was removed to make the second movie faster. Although the director originally intended to include the material the return of the KingThis created an opening that was more about clearing past plot themes than starting new ones, so that segment was cut, Jackson thinks most viewers would simply think that Saruman was defeated by Ant-Man.

In fact, this editorial decision received much worse than expected. Christopher Lee reacted particularly badly to being cut from the final film, reportedly skipping the premiere. This created a rift between the cast and director, which was eventually resolved before Lee returned. hobbits. Viewers were also unimpressed, wondering what would happen to Saruman after his defeat two towers And claiming that such a tall villain deserves a more fitting ending than just a single line. A petition has even been launched to restore the death scene where the witch was axed. Under pressure from the audience and the legendary actor sang heavy metal in his spare time, Jackson admitted his mistake and re-shot the scene in the extended version. the return of the Kingfinally turning Saruman’s death into a Lord of the Rings Classics of the movie trilogy.

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Saruman’s death is one of the many key scenes in the expansion

Christopher Lee uses Palantir as Saruman in Lord of the Rings

There have been many versions Lord of the Rings. Out of all the different cuts available, Lord of the Rings The Extended Edition offers the most additional content. All three movies have hours of cutscenes. Difference between theatrical release and expansion Lord of the Rings That means, for many fans, a return to the shorter route is unlikely. Saruman’s death is fully included in the expansion, once viewed, Return of the king It feels almost naked without it. Christopher Lee is perfectly right to be angry about scenes that didn’t get theatrical release. There are many other similar “additions” in the expanded version. Another notable example is the character Mouth of Sauron, for some reason his plot explanation was changed from this Lord of the Rings The trilogy has been released in theaters.many Lord of the Rings Fans are convinced that the expansion is the final version of the film, and Saruman’s death is arguably the best example to prove their point.

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