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In 2021, deaf actress Sandra Mae Frank joined the cast of NBC. new amsterdam. She became famous with a Broadway play called awaken spring. After cementing that she is a veteran actress, she landed roles in various movies, TV shows, and theater as well.

So who is the actress who plays Dr. Elizabeth Wilder in the new amsterdam? Learn more about her with this Wikipedia by Sandra Mae Frank.

Sandra Mae Frank on New Amsterdam

Actress Sandra Mae Frank has joined the cast of NBC new amsterdam like Dr. Elizabeth Wilder. It was important to her to join as a doctor because most deaf actors were often cast as patients.

Speaking about the character, series executive producer David Schulner said that Dr. Wilder is one of the few deaf surgeons in New York who is young, talented and confident. He’s also one of the best female surgeons, period.

But when Max tries to lure her to New Amsterdam, she refuses to join his team. Many times. With high demand across the country, what would it take for Dr. Wilder to start working at this legendary hospital? And who does he replace?

According to David, these are just some of the questions that will be answered in the season premiere.”

Is Sandra Mae Frank deaf?

Yes, Sandra Mae Frank is deaf in real life. Her parents gave birth to her three months before her time and at that age she could already hear. But her ability to speak and listen slowly disappeared. And when she was 3 years old, she completely lost her ability to hear.

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However, Sandra does not see her deafness as a burden, but as a blessing.

Sandra Mae Frank’s partner: Is she married or still dating?

In his Broadway production spring awakening, Sandra Mae Frank played Wendla Bergmann, the mistress of Melchoir Gabor, played by actor Austin P. McKenzie. The chemistry between the two on set was so believable that most believed they must be dating offscreen as well.

In a June 2015 post, Sandra wrote: “It was love at first sight, #Melkior… A year later, it still is. Walking through the woods, holding hands and exploring new things with you. You are my paradise as I am yours. Thank you for joining this crazy journey with me and I can’t wait to meet you again in that #paradise. Yours forever, #Wendla”

“No matter where I am, I feel your heart beating… I always have and I always will. #MelchiorandWendla,” he wrote in another IG post from September 2015. Even on the red carpet, they seemed close. This is how rumors appeared about the actors dating.

On the other hand, her next theatrical romance was with actor Christopher Tester. Fiddler on the Roof. However, both actors appear to be just good friends with Sandra, without any romance between the two.

As for their off-screen romance, Sandra Mae Frank was secretly dating or not dating at all at the time. The socialization of her does not suggest any possible romance and love life for her. So we believe that she is currently single.

Sandra Mae Frank Net Worth

According to some reliable sources, Sandra Mae Frank has a net worth of over $600 thousand.

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Sandra caught the acting bug from an early age. She inherited from her her passion and her love for the theater especially from her father. However, she shared in an interview with master chat that growing up he knew how to play nice with his friends and guide them, which was an early sign of his long career in the entertainment industry.

However, the deafness affected his career in some way. But Sandra had her fair share of good and bad auditions that she loved to share.

Sandra made her theater debut in September 2015 as Wendla Bergmann in the revival spring awakening, a Broadway play. The play was produced by the Deaf West Theater company in Los Angeles. She is credited with making Wendle into a character with more depth and understanding of a girl living in the late 19th century.

except spring awakeningother works included Funhouse, Peepshow, Our Town, At Home at the Zoo, Fiddler on the Roof, Baronand Richard III.

On the other hand, his film works include short films such as Harmony, The Sound of Fear, The Strength Within You: DUI, The Pastmanand heat in the garage. While she has also acted in TV shows and movies like Switched at Birth, Reverse Polarity, Breaking Dawn, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, season of love, Intricate, Prismand now new amsterdam.

Speaking of her education, Sandra attended Manual DuPont High School before transferring to the Kentucky School for the Deaf. While she was there, her Kentucky had no drama classes, so she immersed herself in photography and film to spark her creativity. She later attended Washington-based Gallaudet University, the world’s only university for the deaf, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in theater arts with a 3.5 GPA after majoring in education.

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After graduating in 2013, Sandra stayed in the Washington, DC area and landed professional acting jobs while working as an adjunct teacher at Model High School for the Deaf. She is represented by Gail Williamson at KMR & Associates.

Trivia: Sandra Mae Frank also has a YouTube channel with 1,240 subscribers.

How tall is Sandra Mae Frank?

Sandra Mae Frank stands up to 5 feet 4 inches tall.

Related FAQ

  • How old is Sandra Mae Frank?

Born on March 21, 1990, Sandra Mae turned 31 in March 2021.

  • Who are the family members of Sandra Mae Frank?

Sandra Mae Frank was born to Bill Frank and an anonymous mother. But when she turned 3 years old, her parents were no longer together for an unknown reason. In May 2018, she wrote an Instagram post about how she met her stepmother Kim Frank.

Sandra shared in the post that her father, Bill, took her on her first date with Kim. He talked about the shock Kim must have felt opening the door for Sandra without expecting her to be there on her first date. According to Sandra, Kim became her mother before she became the wife of her father.

The actress is very grateful to her mother. On Mother’s Day 2016 she dedicated a tweet in which she shared that she wouldn’t be who she is today if it wasn’t for Kim.

Kim, who has a deaf daughter, asked other deaf people for advice on raising a deaf child. Sandra always thanked her because she raised her right hand.

Sandra has two younger sisters.

  • Is Sandra Mae Frank on Instagram, Facebook?

Yes, Sandra is on Instagram and Twitter but not on Facebook.

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