Sabrina Carpenter Denies Composing'Skin Care' as a'Diss Track' Around Olivia Rodrigo:'The Song Is Not Calling Out a Single Individual'

Cleaning the atmosphere.

“Thank you to everyone who listened to the skin, especially those people who started thinking about the lyrics of what I was trying to get around,” the girl meets the world, 21, wrote via Instagram on Sunday, January 24.

Carpenter denied that she was “bothered by a few lines in the (magnificent) melody and composed a diss song,” referring to the social networking concept that released “Skin Care” in response to Rodrigo’s hit “Driver’s License.”

“I was at a turning point in my own life due to a number of factors. So I was motivated to do what I’m doing to address, to write something that I wish I could have told myself sooner,” she continued. “individuals can only get to you in the event that you give them the opportunity. And also many people have tried to get to me”

The Adventures in Babysitting celebrity claimed that “the song doesn’t call out to one person,” explaining, “Some of the tracks deal with a specific situation, although other lyrics deal with a lot of different experiences I’ve had this year. . . . Plus, it shows that a lot things really got under my skin. . And I’m still learning not to give different individuals so much power over my own feelings. I know a good number of you are struggling with the exact same thing.”

She added, “Please don’t take this as an opportunity to send more hate to anyone. Much love to everyone. Thank you for allowing me to grow.”

On January 8, Rodrigo (17) made lovers go crazy when she posted “Driver’s License” in which she mentioned “the blonde who made me doubt.” (Bassett additionally released a song this month, “Lie, Lie, Lie,” which was the most mysterious of the three.)

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But she admitted in a Jan. 20 interview using Billboard that she “completely understands.”[s] people’s fascination with the details of what a song is about and what it’s about.”

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