Russell Brand breaks silence after sex abuse claims & moans about ‘distressing week’ as he begs for cash

RUSSELL Brand lamented a “disturbing week” in a bizarre tirade last night following a spate of sexual abuse allegations.

The comedian has been accused of numerous sexual assaults – including one of rape – on several women in the UK and California between 2003 and 2013.


Brand took to Instagram last night to speak out for the first time since the allegations surfacedCredit: denied the allegations


Brand denied the allegationsCredit: PAShocking claims of multiple attacks allegedly took place between 2003 and 2013


Shocking claims of multiple assaults allegedly took place between 2003 and 2013 Credit: Rex FeaturesThe video was posted to his 3.8 million followers


The video was shared among his 3.8 million followers Credit:

Brand (48) firmly rejected the accusations against him.

In his first social media appearance since the claims were first reported by the Sunday Times and Channel 4 Dispatches, Brand pleaded with followers to subscribe to his video platform Rumble.

In a video to his 3.8 million Instagram followers, Brand said: “This has obviously been an extraordinary and upsetting week and I thank you so much for your support and for questioning the information presented to you.”

During the three-minute clip, he said he will be addressing “big tech,” “big pharma” and recent legislation like the Internet Safety Act in the future.

The Hollywood actor added: “I need your support now, more than ever, and more than I ever imagined. Please, if you can, stay free.”

Subscribers pay at least £50 a year to subscribe to Rumble, and creators can earn more money from donations.

Brands will also be able to earn from ads before and during their videos.

The move came as YouTube stopped monetizing him from his channel, which has over 6.6 million subscribers and more than 1.13 billion views.

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Experts say Brand probably earned around £4,000 per video, which could mean he earns around £1 million a year.

On Monday, he still had ads from companies, including Currys and Masterclass.

But Taxi app FreeNow said it had requested that its ads no longer appear on the star’s channel.

The brand has also removed shows and podcasts including Bake Off, QI and Big Brother from the BBC and Channel 4 streaming services.

The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star has an estimated fortune of £16m but his tour was canceled and his book sold out after the claims.

Brand’s plea came just hours after a woman told Sky News he allegedly pierced her tights in a taxi and wouldn’t let her leave until she performed “sexual acts”.

On Thursday, another woman told the BBC that Brand allegedly exposed himself to her in his Los Angeles office.

She claimed he told her “I’m going to fuck you” before laughing it off on his BBC Radio 2 show moments later.

Another told The Sun on Tuesday that Brand allegedly stalked her down the street asking for sex.

The conspiracy theorist is also currently being investigated by the Met Police after a woman contacted them on Sunday claiming he sexually assaulted her in London’s Soho in 2003.

The allegations are in addition to five women who came forward with allegations last weekend.

The woman claims that Brand attacked them at the height of his fame


The woman claims that Brand assaulted them at the height of his fameCredit: BBCYouTube recently suspended his channel to prevent him from making money


YouTube recently suspended his channel to prevent him from earning Credit: BBC/Ruckas Pictures

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