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French investigative journalist Romain Molina is known for his extensive investigations and postings of work that have shocked soccer fans. His work deserved praise but also threats. So, let us learn more about it through this article.

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Who is Romain Molina?

According to Romain Molina, he is a freelance writer and speaker who has published six books. He does research for corporate journalism like the New York Times, CNN, BBC, Le Temps. He is also known as a sports investigative journalist and has written articles for various publications. As a semi-professional footballer, he also played for Gibraltar.

In November 2021, Romain hit the headlines with serious allegations. He accused Real Madrid player Ferlando Mendy of sexually assaulting two women in 2018. The news has not been confirmed but has sparked conversations online. Neither Ferland nor Real Madrid have officially ruled on the accusations.

Romain accused Ferland of beating the woman before throwing her to the ground. He also kicked her in the head and showed her genitals.

Is Roman Molina gay?

Romain Molina is very reserved about his private life. He did not address his sexual orientation. So it’s not clear if he’s gay. However, during the job he once reported that Josh Cavallo was paid to announce that he was gay. In addition, he also stated that many footballers and clubs received payments to support him on social networks.

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Partner Romain Molina

As already stated, Romain Molina is a private person who does not want to talk publicly about his romantic life. Even on his social media, he tries to stay strictly professional, so there’s not a single hint that he’s in a relationship. Perhaps because his work carries a risk to life, he did not reveal any information about himself to people close to him, not even about his lover or partner.

Nationality of Romain Molina

Born in France, Rain Molina is a French national. She but she also lived in Scotland and England before coming to Andalusia.

How much is Romain Molina net worth?

Romain Molina’s career helps him build a total net worth of less than $250K.

Romain Molina is the author of six books under the titles Unai Emery – The Master, The Black Hand, Cavani. El Matador, Galère Football Club, Romain Molina, Sur les hommes de l’ombre du foot: Banquet 54, The beautiful game – foot, wars et politique and Génération Parker.

Talking about the process of choosing the subjects of his books, Romain revealed that his book “Galère Football Club” was taken from interviews he conducted in the UK with players for the lower divisions blog Bertrand Pirel gave the idea for the other two books of his “Unai Emery” and “Edison Cavani”.

His book “Generation Parker, Goodbye and Thank You” was the brainchild of Benjamin Henry, his co-author.

In addition to writing books, Romain also has a YouTube channel. According to him, his channel is soccer and his sensitivity to everything. He writes about what he saw, observed and investigated during his work. During his years of working in investigative journalism, he built a sizeable network and a reputation that drew him.

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One of the works that caught everyone’s attention is the series of works she launched related to Pini Zahavi, also known as “The First and Only Super Agent”. He called Pinija the most powerful man in soccer because he doesn’t get into the market, he creates it, and not only on the sports front, because he has interests that go beyond soccer: political, industrial, diplomatic, television, marketing, commercial .

Romain was interested in learning more about him and the empire he spent 40 years building from scratch.

In addition to the person he is writing about, Romain discovered other topics in the world of football that surprised him. Some of them wanted to confiscate the passports of the players, the minister who finances a large network of fixed bets, the connection between football and the arms trade, but also between other secret agents and football.

In addition to the honor and reputation that Romain brought him, he sometimes received death threats because of his work. He also revealed that he was pressured by journalists in France. People bargained with him for keeping silent on a certain matter or for apologizing to certain people.

One of the most surprising investigations that Romain has carried out so far is the sexual abuse of the president of the Haitian Football Federation (FHF), Yves Jean-Bart, at the national soccer center. He and his three co-authors published an article in The Guardian. He also claimed in the interview that he couldn’t even set foot in Haiti without being killed for revealing things.

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Related FAQ

  • How old is Romain Molina?

Romain Molina was born on May 3, 1991. He turned 30 in May 2021.

  • How tall is Romain Molina?

Romain stands up to 5 feet 11 inches tall.

  • Is Romain Molina on Twitter, Instagram?

Yes, Romain can be found on Twitter and Instagram. His name on Twitter is @Romain_Molina and on Instagram (@romain.molina).

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