Rodrigo Reyes Family: Father, Mother, Siblings

Meet Rodrigo Reyes’ family, newcomers to Season 9 of Bravo’s Southern Charm. Here we bring you details about his father, mother and siblings.

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Southern Charm: Meet the Rodrigo Reyes Family

Southern Charm’s by Rodrigo Reyes belonged to a close Mexican family that lived in Coolidge, Arizona. His parents are Mary and Rodrigo Reyes, who live in Coolidge, Arizona. The married couple had four children, including the Bravo star.

In 2023, Rodrigo stars in Bravo’s Southern Charm. He is one of the newcomers to Bravo’s ninth season of Southern Charm. It recently debuted on the channel on September 14, 2023 and was available on Peacock for streaming the day after.

Although Rodrigo is new to Southern Charm, the rest of the group has known him for a long time. Rodrigo serves as the voice of reason and keeps the group “grounded,” according to his Bravo bio. Rodrigo is currently engaged, unlike his co-stars Taylor, Shep, Austen, Olivia, Jarrett and Rod. Tyler has been his boyfriend for eight years.

Rodrigo’s official Bravo bio reads: “Rodrigo is an interior designer in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend, Tyler. He has been friends with the Charmers for years and helps them stay on the ground.”

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Rodrigo is 39 years old. He works as an interior designer and is the owner of RAR Designs. A graduate of Arizona State University, Rodrigo graduated in 2008 where he studied design management. While at ASU, he also participated in ASU’s chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America. He also participated in the Athena program for architecture, interior design, graphic design and urban planning students.”

Who is the father of Rodrigo Reyes, Rodrigo Reyes Sr.?

The father of Southern Charm star Rodrigo Reyes is called Rodrigo Reyes Sr. On his social media accounts, Rodrigo has often highlighted his father. “#HappyFather’s Day to the original Rodrigo Reyes. I love you dad! #mexican #cowboy,” a 2019 Father’s Day message to his father.

It is unclear what Rodrigo does for a living. He is available on Facebook, but has not updated his profile since 2017.

Who is the mother of Rodrigo Reyes, Mary Reyes?

Rodrigo Reyes’ mother’s name is Mary Reyes.

The reality star’s mom is Mexican, which he notes in his 2020 Mother’s Day message, where he writes, “My Mexican hiking queen looks good for her mid-70s. Happy Mother’s Day ❤️.” He’s a proud mama’s boy, and Mary is still her main woman.

Mary was born in Feb 1947 and would have been 76 in 2023. Mary went to Central Arizona College. She is on Facebook.

Does Rodrigo Reyes have any siblings?

Rodrigo Reyes reportedly has eight siblings.


The Bravo reality star has three sisters named Reyna Cooper, Leandra Reyes and Maricela Reyes. In October 2022, he congratulated his sister, writing: “Congratulations to my beautiful sister Reyna on her wedding weekend.” He is currently serving in the US Navy. Although she is on Instagram, her profile is currently private.

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Marciela went to Central Arizona College. She was born in March 1981, so she is 42 years old. Maricela is on Instagram (@queen___reyes). In April 2019, Maricela wished Reyna: “Happy birthday to my beautiful sister @malkaofkings. I love you to the moon and back! May he be blessed🎉🎊🎁🎂 #mylilsis #missyou #loveyou #maylyourwishescometrue #blessings.”

Leandra is on IG, but it’s private.

Rodrigo not only has sisters, but also five brothers. One of the brothers is called Rafael Reyes. Rafael works as an Enterprise Account Executive – Public Sector at Datadog. He is married to his wife Katie Reyes.

Rodrigo also has two other brothers German Reyes of Eloy, Arizona and Roberto Reyes. He has several other siblings that we don’t know about.

Related FAQs

  • Where is the Rodrigo Reyes family from?

Rodrigo Reyes’ family is originally from Mexico. However, it is likely that he and his siblings were born in the United States and now live in Coolidge, Arizona.

  • Is the Rodrigo Reyes family on Facebook?

Several family members are on Facebook as we have already provided links to their social networks.

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