RHOA: Everything To Know About Falynn Guobadia’s Four Baby Daddies

Former “friend of” on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Falynn Guobadia, now Pina, has four baby daddies, and everyone is curious to know more about them. In August 2021, Falynn announced she and Jaylan Banks were expecting their first child together. Falynn’s fourth pregnancy came a few months after she finalized her divorce from Porsha Williams’ current husband, Simon Guobadia. The pregnancy announcement seemed to point to the cheating allegations Simon made against her and Jaylan almost two years ago.

Falynn has become a topic of discussion after seemingly getting dumped by her husband Simon for Porsha. When Porsha and Simon announced their engagement in May 2021, Porsha claimed she and Falynn weren’t friends, despite the show claiming otherwise. Falynn and Simon made a brief appearance in RHOA season 13 as husband and wife, but shortly after filming wrapped, the couple decided to dissolve their marriage. Simon went on to start dating Porsha while accusing Falynn of cheating on him with Jaylan during their marriage. Falynn and Jaylan attempted to hide their relationship and claimed they were only friends before confirming their romance in mid-2021.

Falynn & Jaylan Have Welcomed A Daughter

Falynn is already a mother to three boys from three previous relationships. After the housewives community was rocked by Porsha’s engagement announcement, Falynn took to social media to give fans more insight into her life as a businesswoman and mother. “I am a real estate investor. I paint abstract art. I carry a successful BLACK man’s legacy. I raise my BLACK husband’s BLACK sons,” she said in a post captured by The Sun. Falynn also noted how Simon was the first older man she ever dated and the first and only time she’s ever been married. “Simon [Guobadia] was the first man that I ever dated that was much older than me, let alone marry,” she added.

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Falynn and Jaylan Have a Large Family

During her marriage, Falynn and Simon raised their eight children together. Falynn, who moved on from Simon, has three boys, while Simon has five children. Falynn’s eldest son, Troy, is 15 years old and close in age to his mother, who gave birth to him when she was 17. Her second son is Liam, while her third son’s name is unknown to the media. In a post shared by Onsite!, the three men believed to be the fathers of Falynn’s three older kids were revealed. One man appears to be an aspiring rapper, while another looks to be a fashion connoisseur. There is one who has been photographed with Falynn’s son, proving his co-parenting relationship with her. Jaylan is Falynn’s fourth baby daddy, and the news of her pregnancy took many fans by surprise.

To her credit, Falynn does a great job of keeping her family life private and outside the public eye. She rarely posts about her older children and values their privacy. Her pregnancy announcement also hinted at how long she had been involved with Jaylan, as well as the possibility of Simon’s cheating claims being true. After some time to settle, the families seem to be settling into their new normal. The Real Housewives of Atlanta fans missed Porsha this past season and are excited to see her return on The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip season 3.

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