Rescued leopard leaps into the wild after being released by forest officials. Watch

A wildlife team rescued a leopard from human habitat yesterday and released it into the wild. The release of the big cat was caught on camera. Now, a video of the same was shared on X (formerly known as Twitter) by IFS Parveen Kaswan.

Leopard, rescued by forest officials, sitting inside a van. (Twitter/@ParveenKaswan)

“This big cat is back to freedom. Yesterday’s 6 AM rescue mission from human habitat. Without any injury to humans or animals. Size of that leopard!” wrote IFS officer Parveen Kaswan while sharing the video on Twitter.

The video showcases the moment when dedicated forest officials set the rescued leopard free. The video shows the big cat making a mighty leap immediately after being released.

Watch the video of the leopard jumping out of the van here:

Since being shared on August 20, the tweet has accumulated over 22,000 views, and the numbers are still increasing. Additionally, it has collected over 700 likes and a plethora of comments from netizens.

Here’s how Twitter users reacted to this video featuring the leopard:

“When a scary scene becomes a scene of empathy, it’s called humane,” posted an individual. Another added, “Kudos to all involved.” A third commented, “Beautiful cat,” while a fourth wrote, “Best wishes to the Forest Department.”

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