Released elephant returns to introduce her baby girl to keepers. Watch

The beautiful moment of the return of the released and rehabilitated mother elephant to the rescue center was captured on camera. What’s amazing is that she visited the venue for a moment to introduce her new born baby and introduce her to the groundskeepers.

The picture shows a mother elephant with her baby. (Instagram/@sheldricktrust)

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an NGO dedicated to helping orphaned elephants, shared the video on Instagram. They also released a detailed title to tell the story of a mother elephant named Olare.

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“We hinted at the news, but it’s official: Olare is a mother! On Tuesday, our beautiful former orphan returned to Ithumba and proudly presented us with her equally beautiful baby girl whom we named Ola,” the organization wrote.

While recalling Olara’s story, they said that her mother’s femur had been crushed, probably by a bullet, leaving her paralyzed. Olare clung to her ‘eyes wide with fear’. Then the rescuers brought the baby to the center.

“Despite the heartbreak she faced, Olare never let her past define her. She has a huge heart and has always been an exceptional nanny, first at nursery, then at our Ithumba reintegration unit, and later to her friends’ feral babies. We are thrilled that she now has the opportunity to raise her own baby – and we know she will be an excellent mother,” the organization added.

Watch this beautiful video of Olara with her baby:

The post was shared almost 2 hours ago. Since then, it has collected close to 31,000 likes. The stock also garnered tons of comments from people.

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How did Instagram users react to the elephant story?

“I really like that the orphans come back to show off their babies! It shows how much they love and appreciate you,” the Instagram user wrote. “Not a dry eye anywhere as I read this. Wow,” added another. “I love it when they come back and show off their new babies!” expressed the third. “Reading this made me cry. How wonderful,” joined a fourth.

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