Real reason Jamie Lynn Spears quit I’m A Celeb after DAYS of crisis talks with bosses

FRAGILE Jamie Lynn Spears has finally quit I’m A Celebrity – after plotting her exit from the show with bosses for DAYS.

The actress, sister of pop superstar Britney, has been breaking down at the camp since day one in agony over her children’s disappearance, but it was confirmed last night that she was walking for “medical reasons”.


Jamie Lynn Spears quit I’m A Celebrity for ‘medical reasons’Credit: Submitted
However, the actress and singer has been in crisis negotiations with her bosses for days


But the actress and singer has been in crisis talks with the bosses for days Credit: Eroteme
Viewers watched her struggle in the camp


Viewers watched her fight in the camp Credits: ITV

The Sun said last week that the I’m a Celebrity crew were on “high alert” and that Jamie Lynn, 32, was considered an escape risk.

But we can now reveal that Jamie has been in exit talks with executives for days, with a number of high-level talks involving ITV’s logistics teams and her own behind-the-scenes management.

ITV bosses were able to back Jamie Lynn through 11 days on the show, as the success of Climb of Cruelty and Scarena encouraged her and delayed the inevitable.

But eventually she exploded: “I hate it here so much, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it here.

“This place is where people go to have the worst days of their lives.”

Confirming the news yesterday, a spokesperson for the show said: “Jamie Lynn Spears has left I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! for medical reasons.

“She was a fantastic campmate who triumphed at the trials and connected well with her fellow celebrities.”

Jamie Lynn left the camp in the early evening on Wednesday in Australia.

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ITV confirmed to The Sun last night that it has no plans for celebrity recruitment despite losing Jamie Lynn and Grace Dent in a matter of days.

A source said: “Jamie Lynn was a risk-taker from day one and while she experienced some highs, excelling at trials and forming special bonds at camp, she ultimately couldn’t get past the lows.

“Discussions with the logistics teams have been going on for days, with an outing being considered as early as Saturday and then postponed, after Jamie had a good day or so.

“But that proved to be too much and after Grace left, the writing was on the wall for Jamie – that would mean she wasn’t the first one out.” Jamie Lynn’s latest chapter began when she spiraled over a piece of chocolate.

She babbled, “Please, dear God, help me achieve this. I think I have to go, I think I have to go.”

On Tuesday night’s show, Sam Thompson tried to rally her and joked that she wouldn’t leave and became known as “the girl who cried wolf”.

She retorted: “I’m not the girl who cried wolf, I’m speaking honestly about my emotions.”

“I’m not crying wolf, I mean it every time I say I want to leave.”

Last week Danielle Harold said: “I don’t know how I’m so emotionally weak.. Why do I cry so much?”

Jamie Lynn is the mother of two daughters, Maddie, 15, and Ivey, five.

She has form for an early cut when the going gets tough, having left the US version of SAS: Who Dares Wins in just two days.

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Leaving the show, called Special Forces, earlier this year after 48 hours, Jamie Lynn confided in Spice Girl Melanie B.

Spajsica said: “Like, I can’t do this one more night. I can not do it.

“I miss my children when I’m away from them for a few hours. So this is a very big leap for me.

“Not only do I love them and want to be with them, but being this far away from them, even if it’s something for me, makes me feel like an ac**p mom.

“They didn’t ask for their mom to leave. My babies.”

Earlier, she spoke about the lack of her children


She previously talked about missing her children Credit: Eroteme
The source called her a 'risky escape from day one'


A source called her a ‘risky escape from day one’Credit: ITV
Jamie Lynn is the younger sister of Britney Spears


Jamie Lynn is the younger sister of Britney SpearsCredit: Getty

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